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OWC adds the FIN to its lineup of laptop accessories

TheFinGlobeYou’ve got a mobile lifestyle, don’t we all?. Your laptop goes with you almost everywhere you go. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product to make your laptop even more portable than it already is?

Lucky for us, there is the FIN!

No, we’re not talking about a “Jaws” sequel, prequel, spinoff, or knockoff… but rather an ingenious product that we recently brought into our laptop accessories section. The FIN is an all in one handle and cooling stand for your laptop. It is constructed of high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum – just like your MacBook Aluminum, MacBook Pro or PowerBook as not to deter from the aesthetics of your machine.  It is also available in White or Black to perfectly match your polycarbonate MacBook.

Speaking of aesthetics, the FIN doesn’t use glue, tape, or other materials that damage the finish of your laptop! Instead each model is custom fit to use the existing screw holes in the bottom rear of your machine. To install, simply remove the existing screws, line up the FIN, and attach with the FIN’s supplied screws. Not easy enough? They even supply the screwdriver so there’s no need to go looking for one.

When installed, the FIN serves as a convenient handle that not only makes carrying easier, but much safer by providing an area for a firm grip.  When you’re done moving around, the FIN tilts your PowerBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook at the perfect ergonomic angle for both typing and viewing.

See the FIN in action.
See the FIN in action.

The fin is available for:

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