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Get Ready To Go ‘Mac’ To School!

It’s nearing the end of July and that means the stores are all featuring a few specific things—clearance mismatched swimsuits, returned camping equipment from dashed dreams of summer expeditions, and college and back to school gear. When shopping for these college supplies, it’s important to note that you can save a lot of money buying things used. Beanbag chairs work fine when you duct tape the holes (call it an artistic expression), that giant box TV is free and it still works if you drum out the solo from ”In A Gadda Da Vida” on it to get it going, and you know with a little TLC you can scrape the mysterious substance off that used microwave. But there are many things you should never buy used—a comforter, someone’s shower flip-flops, a sandwich maker—all of these things are a little too up close and personal. And then there are some things that everyone will suggest you buy but you shouldn’t buy at all—take for instance the body pillow. That thing will take up over half of your standard issue twin sized bed from 1996 and somehow steal all your covers in the middle of the night. Don’t ask me how this happens, it just does.

However, as I mentioned, there are several things that are truly worth purchasing used. And one of those things is the one thing in college that you cannot live without—a reliable computer. Even more than your favorite sweatpants, it will be your constant companion—you will use it to watch YouTube videos, stream movies from Netflix, and write the necessary papers, homework, class notes, and projects – of course. And with a large course load and the entire series of Breaking Bad to catch up on, you need your machine to be dependable and work quickly.

Luckily OWC has a variety of used Macs so you can find the perfect model to fit your needs while saving money on a quality piece of equipment. And considering you already owe your first born to pay for tuition, you might as well save as much money as you can. Plus a used Mac is not just a great idea for college students—they are a perfect solution for high schoolers, families, and business professionals alike.

And unlike most used things, you can actually make improvements to your used Mac by upgrading it with OWC Memory and SSD’s to make it as good or better than new (now if you could only do that with that soggy couch you picked up from your neighbor’s curbside).

Those college years can be crazy, ridiculously fun, tumultuous, and supremely unique. And like everything in life they’ll go fast—so make a lot of memories, keep in touch with your friends, and (don’t tell anyone I told you this) know that it’s okay to skip class sometimes because you were up all night mud sliding or playing Jell-O Twister. But think about it—you might as well add a little luxury to living in a 12ft by 12ft room with a stranger by purchasing a computer that you can count on while you make those memories that will last a lifetime. So go on, students—eat your Easy Mac while realizing how easy life can be with a Mac. (Pardon the pun; I couldn’t resist.)

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  • Used MacBook Pros are a great way of saving money – refurbished ones too. I bought a refurbished one three years ago and it still works like a dream, I use it everyday for my job as a Film maker so I need it to be reliable.