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Did You Buy Parallels 11? You May Qualify for a Free Parallels 12 Upgrade

parallels-12-laptopParallels Desktop 12 for Mac is a fast, easy, and powerful solution for running Windows apps on a Mac without rebooting.

Parallels Desktop 12 lets you easily switch between Mac and Windows apps. It’s powerful performance lets you run Windows productivity applications – and demanding graphical apps – without compromise.

The latest edition of Parallels Desktop is now available for order from, and our customers who have installed Parallels Desktop 11 on or after August 1, 2016 are eligible for a FREE upgrade to Parallels Desktop 12!

If you have already installed Parallels Desktop 11 on or after August 1, watch for an email providing you with a new Parallels Desktop 12 “license token” within seven days of the August 23 Parallels Desktop 12 release date.

If you haven’t yet installed your copy of Parallels 11, please do so soon and the same process will proceed for your free Parallels Desktop 12 upgrade (limit 1). The free upgrade is available for a limited time and will end after October 31.

And if you have previously purchased a version of Parallels from, you’ll be eligible for an exclusive price of $39 for Parallels Desktop 12!

Transform Your Parallels Experience
Lots of OWC RAMWith more OWC memory and/or an OWC SSD, you can take your Parallels experience to a new level no matter which version you use. More than most applications, Parallels benefits significantly from having more available memory. If you don’t already have 8GB, 16GB or more memory installed – and your Mac has room for an upgrade – adding more memory can make a tremendous difference to the performance you experience. Most Macs are easy to upgrade and you can find out what memory, with 8GB from $48.75, is right for your Mac using our Memory Guide.

For an additional boost in performance, replacing your start up hard drive with an OWC SSD can provide data performance up to 100X faster than your current drive. Boot, launch, load, save applications faster, and watch all of your apps along with Parallels perform better overall with incredibly accelerated data i/o. OWC SSDs start from just $39.75. If you don’t already have an SSD, prepare to be blown away with the better then new experience an OWC SSD can bring your Mac today.

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