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Rocket Yard Guide: Fall Gaming Options for Mac Gamers

Each seasonal shift of the year tends to bring great new games for all of us to enjoy. This Autumn is no different. The Rocket Yard presents the Fall Mac Gaming Guide compromising of recently released games and exciting upcoming titles to ensure you get the most of the upcoming gaming season. UPDATE: Feral Interactive has announced popular action game Mad Max is coming to Mac in October.

Recently Released
These titles have been recently published on Mac and are worth spending your time and money on if the genre suits your interest. Related: How to Optimize Your Mac for Gaming


Dawn of War II Series: Thanks to the cats at Feral Interactive, Mac gamers can finally enjoy the brutal tactics of the Dawn of War 40K universe in all their glory. The Dawn of War II Master collection contains the original Dawn of War II and the standalone expansions in Chaos Rising and Retribution. Each game features a complete campaign that can be played alone or with a friend. Unique multiplayer and a cooperative Last Stand mode round out what you can play with others. Don’t miss out on the intense, violent and competitive world of Warhammer.

ClusterTruck: A clever title for an amusing game, Clustertruck sees you platforming across speeding trucks (driven by bad drivers) in a broad variety of levels and challenging landscapes. The simple premise belies the insane acrobatics you must pull off to pass each level. When you’re done the campaign, the Steam Workshop and level editor await you with brand new levels.

Everspace: While early access titles must always be taken with a grain of salt, Everspace looks extremely promising. A space-action game with a hefty dose of dogfighting, exploration, crafting, and looting, this has already garnered a lot of positive buzz. Procedurally generated runs ensure things will never get stale. The fact that it runs on the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t hurt either.

These titles don’t have exact release dates for Mac yet but are confirmed to be releasing this year for OS X by the devs or a porting house.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Feral announced earlier that everyone’s favorite cyborg Adam Jensen would be returning to the Mac this year. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a sequel to Human Revolution (but still a prequel to the original Deus Ex.) Adam finds himself at the center of a vast conspiracy, and you must decide who to trust and what path you want Jensen to take as you navigate an increasingly complicated sci-fi world. A host of new augmentations and routes to choose from will make Adam feel badder than ever.

Shadow Warrior 2: Lo Wang will be back soon for more immature jokes and over-the-top action in Shadow Warrior 2. While this is a sequel, it will play vastly differently from the previous entry. While the Shadow Warrior reboot was a linear campaign, SW2 features a semi-open world that is filled with new customizable weapons, monsters, and if you want – other players to team up with. Procedural environments and numerous side quests will ensure you and your friends will be chopping up demons without getting bored.


Total War: Warhammer: More Warhammer goodness is coming our way soon, once again courtesy of Feral. However, this game trades away the space and big guns of 40K for medieval fantasy and magic. In the vein of the massively popular Total War games, you’ll manage maps, cities, and massive armies, but all set in the vicious world of Warhammer. Play as Dwarves, Humans, Undead, Orks or Chaos in your bid to survive and conquer.

What games are you playing this Fall season? And what are you most excited for that is coming soon? Let us know in the comments!

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