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On the Road to Macworld Expo 2010

Macworld Expo 2010 is right around the corner. Although Apple isn’t going to be there, your pals from OWC and Newer Technology certainly are. We’ve been preparing for months, and we’re excited to be showing off all the nifty new OWC and NewerTech products we’ve released over the last few months.

  • The OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini is a compact, portable version of OWC’s award winning desktop-sized solution line that is bus-powered, fanless and sports a “Quad” Interface.
  • The NewerTech NuPower High Capacity batteries for MacBook and MacBook Pro offer up to 10% higher capacity than the factory original.
  • The NewerTech Video Display Adapter allows you add up to four displays to your Mac via USB.
  • The NewerTech mini-DisplayPort Adapter series allows you to attach a DVI, HDMI or even VGA display to your mini-DisplayPort equipped Mac while offering better cabling and shielding than the standard adapter does.
  • With NewerTech’s Window Mount for the iPhone 3G/3GS, featuring an exact fit cradle and super vacuum adhesion, your iPhone 3G/3GS will remain securely in place in your car, boat or even on an airplane tray table!
  • The pocket-sized NuPower Charge & Sync+ lets you recharge your digital devices (including cell phones and digital cameras!) via a standard AC outlet or the built-in battery.
  • The NewerTech MAXPower SATA 6G PCIe Controller Card for you Mac Pro (and PC’s, too) – High Performance. No drivers.
  • The OWC Mercury Extreme SSD – we’re darn proud of our new internal 2.5” Solid State Drive. Sustained data transfer rates for both read and write speeds of over 260MB/s make our new SSDs among the fastest, if not the very fastest SATA I/II SSD on the market today. That’s why we’ve submitted it for Best of Show consideration.

But that’s not all…

We’ve also got a wonderful display where we show you how to integrate a Mac into your home theater system, info about our LEED Platinum Level “Green” facilities, the OWC Podcast booth, and—since His Steveness won’t be there to give one himself— “one more thing” in the form of a new OWC product. And, of course, we have show specials for the entire run of the show.

See you there!

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  • I’m looking forward to seeing your products!

    Especially would like to see an eSATA connected Hard Drive Bay/Enclosure to hold removable internal HDs (probably 2 TB each).
    Will you bring such?
    Because I need an enclosure that will hold some internal HDs that are 5″ width or smaller at maximum (so that they can be stored in safes for backup purposes).

    • There are several options we offer that may fit your needs perfectly. In fact, just last month we posted a blog about it featuring our Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini

      While that particular unit uses screws to keep the drive secure inside the enclosure, we do also offer more robust storage solutions such as our Qx2 The width on that one is going to be 5.31″ for the whole unit, but drives can be swapped in and out easily for storage of the individual drives. As the unit also supports several RAID setups, your data would be very secure.

      My suggestion for saving space would be to utilize the NewerTech Voyager Q. That way, you can swap out your stored backed up drives with a fresh set (2.5″ or 3.5″ form factor drives) without the need for any enclosure. And if you’re worried about the rigors of travel on the hard drive while in transit the NewerTech ProtectaDrive silicone sleeve offers good protection for those drives in transit or storage without taking up much additional space.

  • Sorry, my mistake.

    In 2008, OWC wasn’t selling what I was shopping for.

    Mainly firewire hard drive enclosures which I traditionally bought every year at MacWorld. ;-)

    As best I can remember over the years, I have picked up around 12+ FW 400 Elite Pro enclosures, 5 FW400 MiniStack enclosures, 8 FW 800 Elite Pro enclosures. Only about 8 I have now, the rest I’ve set up for friends to do backups.

    Next i slowly start acquiring the “Quad” Elite Pro enclosures. :-)

  • Since 9/11, MacWorld started shrinking and becoming less interesting. Many of my favorite companies to visit stopped showing at MacWorld and started expanding their web sites. Then in 2008, OWC wasn’t selling specials anymore from the floor which was the only reason I really had left to go to MacWorld.

    I didn’t go in 2009 and have no plans to go this week in 2010.

    Bye Bye MacWorld. It’s been fun.

    • Hi MacRat….actually 2009 was the first year OWC didn’t sell product right from the floor…but we still had specials and had delivery options set up so we could ship right to attendees’ hotels.

      We really held our breath on that decision last year but overall it was well received. As we started to realize, everyday here is like MW Expo…just without the visual in-person effect.

      From a cost effectiveness standpoint, really didn’t make sense anymore to take out a mini “store” and sell on the floor. But we’ll still have all the solutions and newer products there to get hands on looks and feel with.

      Still going to be fun to see gear up close and real…as well as meet in person. Will miss you for sure!