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Rocket Yard Video: DIY Tips to Easily Boost Your Mac’s Performance

Has your Mac slowed over time? Or do you simply want a boost in your computer’s performance?

In our latest Rocket Yard video, Erica from shares some tips on how you can easily give your Mac new life with two common DIY upgrades.

Check out the video below to see how:

To find the right upgrades for your Mac, check out our My Upgrades tool. And you can find our complete selection of memory upgrades at: and our SSD solutions at:

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  • macOS Mojave drops support for older macs. I have two iMacs that will be affected (a late 2009 and a mid-2011) and I bristle at being forced to retire perfectly functional machines. Of course, I can continue to use them on High Sierra for some time, but there will be limits we face as High Sierra support fades into the sunset. I would like to see a good discussion of our options and the impact of being abandoned by Apple. How long until we can no longer trust using High Sierra?

  • Ah, but there are limits. I own the last good Mac desktop Apple made, a 2012 i7 Mac mini. I maxed out the ram as soon as I purchased it and recently added one of your 6g SSDs. The result is marvelous. For about $300, my Mac is over twice as fast I the one I purchased.

    The hitch is that my Mac mini is now five years old and Apple doesn’t make a desktop I’d take if they gave it to me. I’m doing what I can to extend its life, but OWC might want to do a video on what I can do to protect it from evils such as lightning and excessive heat. What can I add that will add life to it?

    • A 2012 Mac Pro will run circles around most of the new crap that apple makes. Grab a 2012 dual cpu MP, toss in 2 3.46 hexacore xeons, load up the ram 64gb, a nice pcie ssd, and 4 big platters for storage, NVidia gtx980 for graphics, and you have an unstoppable mac!!!

      • Imagine a sixty second commercial touting what you just described to be broadcast non-stop similar to those Wix commercials on YouTube. The bigwigs at Apple need a serious bucket of cold water thrown at them.

      • Be interesting to listen to an interview why Apple corporate bigwigs do not want to create a line of powerful modifiable computers as you describe. Even the media won’t ask such questions as if insulting I suppose

        So it goes.

      • @JASON, I’d like one please, but what would this hypothetical beast of a Mac draw for power? 300W?