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iOS 11 Available for Download, But Upgrade with Caution

[Update: These Are the iOS 11 Features that Will Make You Want to Upgrade]

The day has arrived! Apple has made iOS 11 available for download for iDevice owners. But don’t panic if your friend is able to upgrade before you, the update is expected to be rolled out in waves as in years past, so all users might not have access immediately.

Here is a list of iDevices that will run iOS 11, according to Apple:There are some things that you should know before you download, and one big caveat in particular: Once you upgrade, your 32-bit apps will no longer work. In July, we took a deep dive into the issue and showed you how to check to see which of your apps will be affected. You can read the entire article here, but many users will find themselves out of luck with beloved apps.

We also took a look at some of the best features that you can look forward to in iOS 11. Check them out here!

Let us know what you think of iOS 11 in the comments. Happy upgrading!

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  • upgrade is great on my iPad Pro; particularly love the Files app and true multi-tasking. On my iPhone 6s it’s not as great. Still love the Files app and interface, but battery does indeed seem to drain faster. I’m almost always down to last 10-20% by end of the day whereas before I was usually at 50%. Also, I’ve noticed that I can move much more quickly than the phone keeps up now with some things. For example, sometimes if I switch to messages quickly and start typing right away, there’s a noticeable lag before the keyboard catches up with me.

  • Can you guys tell me why my iPhone 5s’s battery discharges faster (and I mean really fast) now that I’ve installed iOS 11? I’ve tried to ‘off load’ apps that I don’t use and that might draw down the battery, but the battery drain is still there. I know that my battery has a few miles on it, but the battery seemed to discharge at a satisfactory rate before iOS 11, a rate that didn’t make me think that I would need a new battery. Now, if I happen to use my phone while charging, it’s seems that it can’t keep up, it continues to discharge. It also appears to charge slowly and than suddenly it picks up speed. I think the thing I need to do is to re-install iOS 10. My iPhone also crashes and acts wonky.

  • Wish I had waited for the first generation or so of “fixes.” iPad went smoothly. iPhone froze at one point and unpaired iWatch. Spent several eventually helpful hours with patient Apple Help personnel.

  • A new version of an OS or application is not necessarily an upgrade. I’m afraid this applies to iOS 11 — at least at its current revision level. I see reduced battery life, odd behavior from Safari, and, worst of all, inability to prevent the camera controls from appearing on the lock screen without disabling it. (I think Safari uses a lot of battery and some commonly-used web sites are very chatty, which has spiked my data usage — a gigabyte in four days for how I use my phone is absurd.)

  • It’s been 2 days with ios 11 and my iPhone has not been the same! I’m having a hard time making calls, and when I do and then hang up it shows that I’m still calling on a conference call? Now on to the battery, after charging it fully and removing it from the cable within 15 min it shows the low battery msg and it also has quit working while I’m talking to someone.WHAT should I do? Can I delete ios11 and go back to ios10? THX for the help

    • Just google “downgrade ios 11” – there’s no problem doing the downgrade, but it is time consuming.

  • My 128GB iPhone 6+ Is noticeably SLOWER to respond to touch, and SIRI is almost unusable – “Hey Siri” is ignored more often than it produces a useful action. And various UI things are not working as reliably as they formerly did. Battery life is in the crapper too – I have seen my phone lose 2 percent of charge within one minute, not running and apps. My phone also spontaneously crashes apps and reboots and it NEVER did that befor now.

  • No problems so far. Put it on an iPad Air. No 32 bit apps. It’d be nice if I could put on my iPhone 5c, but I can’t. Any word on whether Apple will keep security current on iOs10?