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My Mac named Lola was a dirty Mac!

Two months ago I first mentioned my relationship with “Lola”.

So much has happened since January. So, where do I begin?

Well, I was so excited about my new relationship with Lola that I thought I would take it to the next step and start to introduce her to others. My friend Henry stopped by one day and I took it upon myself to introduce him to Lola.

Henry quickly pulled me aside and said “wow, dude”, that Mac is dirty.

No way! I take remarks like those very seriously.
I looked closely and he was right.
Lola was dirty!

So, I quickly shopped and purchased the Klear Screen Deluxe Cleaning Kit. Just $23.99 and as always, same day shipping was available.

I quickly cleaned and shined Lola up real nice!
This kit was great because it came with an 8 ounce spray bottle, a large micro chamois, 6 Klear Kloths, 2 travel single cleaning packets and a travel chamois. Now I could keep Lola clean anywhere I go! I could even use this kit to shine up my LCD TV and my cell phone.

Lola is also much happier now. She is shiny like brand new. I thought I would get her a gift because she looked so dang pretty.

What you may ask, what did you get her Robert?
Tune in next month to find out what kind of Armor I got for her.

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