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A Mac Named Lola

lolaOne of my motto’s is, “just ask and you shall receive!” I suppose as OWC’s Call Center Manager, that is a pretty good mindset to have for good customer relations.

It also came in handy while contemplating a recent tech purchase.

Now, let me advise you in advance that I do not consider myself a computer or tech geek at all. But, I do believe I am catching the bug… if bugs around computer gear can be a good thing. Recently, I got my hands on a 17 inch Macbook Pro.

As an average user and mostly a desktop oriented one, I find this machine incredibly handy and awesome… and that cool light up Apple logo on the cover just sweetens the deal. Kinda makes me look like I’m part of the technorati.

Anyways, our relationship started out slowly. I met “her” on my first day in my role here. And I soon realized that I could not be without her. Her name is Lola. Yes, I named my Macbook Pro.

Lola did not have much use for me when I took her home for the first time. I could not get her to connect wirelessly to the Internet while at home. So I asked myself, “what do you do when you have relationship issues such as this?”

You ask others for advice! Just ask and you shall receive! See how this is coming full circle?

I started to tell others of my dilemma. And when you tell other OWC’ers about a tech situation, do the suggestions start pouring in! “You need a wireless router… just get Lola a router and your relationship will grow.” Plus, I got all sorts of options on where I could get it, how much I should spend, even that I could barter something I have for one.

You know what generally happens – at least to me anyways – when others give you advice? You listen, but you know deep down that you are just going to do what feels “right” to you.

In this case, what felt right was shopping at our own store because as a new employee, I heard we stood behind our products, we only sold high quality products, and hey, what better way to put my new employer to the test so to speak. Peace of mind and support – what I like to now call the “OWC Worry Free Guarantee” was much more important to me than saving $10.00.

So I shopped, searched, and found the Nfiniti™ Wireless-N Router. Just $62.99 and same day shipping was available… so I knew I’d be bringing Lola a sweet treat that night.

My choice of routers was ideal as it is best suited for the home and small office environment. It now allows Lola to stream multimedia content, such as HD movies or music, download images or send and receive e-mail… an espeically handy feature when trying to catch up with emails from home. With speeds of up to 300Mbps, the Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless Router and Access Point is also ideal to upgrade an existing wireless network, as it provides greater speed and coverage than Wireless-G. Geez, I’m starting to talk tech now!

What’s next for Lola and myself? I believe Lola now needs to stop sleeping after four hours of use. So an Apple Genuine Magsafe 85W AC Power Adapter/Charger for $49.99 should do just fine to resolve that issue.

I look forward to a long lasting and satisfying relationship with Lola and OWC and promise to update you all occasionally on both those topics.

Rocket Yard Contributor
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