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Giving Tuesday 2021 is an Opportunity to Make a Difference

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, OWC is a company that has a genuine interest in helping make this world a better place. From the sustainability projects they support, to empowering youth to tell their stories, to bringing technology to orphaned children in third world nations, OWC takes an active role in disparate projects that help make a positive difference. That is why Giving Tuesday is such a special day of the year.

Pick a cause, any cause

After a week or more of being bombarded with deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which for a lot of companies have turned into “Black Monday – Through Friday” and “CyberWeek,”) OWC would like to encourage you to spend some of those hard-earned dollars on giving back. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Kiss the Ground

OWC was a technology partner for this documentary released last year on Netflix that showed how we can create farmlands that help regenerate the land. Your donation helps farmers, transition farmlands, activism, and policy changes.

Life on earth depends on healthy soil and a balanced ecosystem, and humans are an extension of the biology and biodiversity of the soil beneath our feet. Kiss the Ground is a growing organization, taking on their most ambitious work yet—building an unprecedented coalition and grassroots advocacy campaign to ensure support for regenerative agriculture in the 2023 Farm Bill and beyond. We are calling it Regenerate America “Soil is our Common Ground.”

Kiss The Ground has spent the last 8 years awakening millions of people to the possibilities of regeneration. While there is momentum and growing awareness, there needs to be a paradigm shift of consumer behavior, farmer education, and farm policy. Donate today to help them reach their Giving Tuesday goal of $50,000 to grow the regenerative movement.

Orphaned Starfish

Few stories are as powerful as that of Andy Stein and his mission to bring computer technology centers to thousands of orphans all over the world in third-world countries. Donate now to help change the life of a child. Forever.

Austin Animal Shelter

Over 16,000 homeless animals a year find their way to the annals of Austin Animal Shelter. It’s their mission to provide food, water, and shelter to lost and homeless animals in need of care. The work they do also helps keep Austin the largest no-kill city in the country.

Donate here.

Many more causes to support this Giving Tuesday

There are more than enough worthy causes to support this Giving Tuesday. Here’s an additional list of opportunities for you to chip in and make a difference:

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