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Ron Dawson

Ron Dawson
10 posts
For nearly 20 years, Ron Dawson has been a professional video producer, content marketer, and influencer in the visual arts industry. Most recently he was managing editor of the Frame.io blog and currently is managing editor of Film Riot and a Story Producer for Wistia. He helps brands and creative artists tell their stories using video, content, effective SEO strategies, and words.
LumaForge Now an OWC Company

OWC Acquires LumaForge: Jellyfish Finds a New Home

"OWC acquires LumaForge." These will probably be three of the best words you hear/read in 2021 if you care about storage solutions and the content creation community. For over 30 years, OWC has committed to providing hardware and computing solutions...

Restoring Godfather III: American Zoetrope and OWC

Scene from "Godfather III" © 1990 Paramount Picures It’s been thirty years since the third part of the classic Godfather trilogy hit the silver screen. That’s nearly twice as long as the sixteen-year gap between Godfather II and III (the...

Giving Tuesday: The Magic of Andy Stein and the Orphaned Starfish Foundation

As the name suggests, Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving where you are encouraged to give. And today, we encourage you to give, give, give! Ideally, this would be a mindset you would adopt throughout the entire year. And one person who has spent nearly twenty years reminding people of that mindset is Andy Stein.

Portrait of a student filming the John hancock Center in Chicago

Summer Stories Part 2: The Stories We Tell

In part 1 of this series, we met Steve Douglass, an instructor in the Chicago metropolitan area who teaches high school kids about media literacy and video content creation. He started his twenty-year career in education after a 1.5-year stint cutting sports highlights for ESPN. After a personal reflection of his career, combined with a revelation of existential magnitude due to 9/11, Steve left the ESPN editing suite and headed to the world of education.

Summer Stories Part 1: Media Literacy and Telling Your Own Stories

There are few endeavors in life as important and fruitful as investing in the education and empowerment of children. And one of the best ways to do both is through the power of video. No one knows that more intimately than Steve Douglass, a former ESPN-producer-turned-educator who followed a passion for doing more with his life than churn out 10+ sports highlights a night. He instead wanted to make a difference in the lives of high school kids.

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