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Mr. “Sunday Sunday Sunday” passes away

DragMacWhile this truly fits our Random Thoughts and Topics category on the blog, there was nothing random about Jan C. Gabriel if you grew up in the Midwest in the 1960’s and 70’s.

His memorable radio spots for US 30 Dragstrip… which featured him using a time delay… grabbed your attention with a screaming “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!” intro. And then ended with a bit of salesmanship with the signature echo effect “where the great ones run run run”.

I was surprised to learn in the Chicago Tribune obituary that he was also the announcer at the now closed Santa Fe Speedway in Willow Springs, IL. My family spent many memorable Saturday nights at the “action packed clay track” cheering on our favorite drivers, trying to keep the dust and grit out of our eyes, and we loved it… kinda makes me think of this skit.

There’s a pretty good history of Jan’s work shown here on local WTTW if you want to hear him live. Or, you can listen to and watch a full commercial here to truly appreciate his style.

I’m left with the feeling that an enjoyable bit of my childhood is now gone forever…as well as that all the modern-day infomercial hacks couldn’t even carry Jan’s microphone.

As a fitting conclusion, he indeed passed away on a Sunday.

Man, I would have loved to have had him voiceover a radio spot for OWC… I can hear it now:  MAX YOUR MAC MAC MAC!  ONLY AT OWC… WHERE THE FASTEST MACHINES RUN RUN RUN.

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  • Mr. Sunday Sunday Jan Gabriel had a awesome voice went to US 30 back in the day me and my bros. Still go drag racing today luv it. R.I.P.