Geekanoids Boosts Late 2017 iMac Performance with OWC Memory

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your Mac a serious performance boost is by adding more memory. And recently, Dave Cryer of Geekanoids proved it by upgrading to 64GB of OWC RAM in his iMac. Check out Cryer’s video to see how he was able to easily boost his iMac’s multitasking capabilities and see significant improvement when using Final Cut Pro. 

More Memory = Faster Mac
Having more OWC memory allows significant gains in the efficiency of how your Mac can operate and in tapping the processor cores available. From a ROI stand point, OWC Memory offers about the most bang for the buck you can get in any situation where your applications can utilize more available installed memory.

But this isn’t limited to high-end Macs. Whether you’re adding up to 128GB on a Mac Pro, 16GB on a MacBook/MacBook Pro/Mac mini, or 64GB on an iMac – OWC memory takes your Mac further than ever. And as our MaxRAM Memory Certification shows, your Mac might be compatible with more memory than you thought possible.

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