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OWC Mac Pro Processor Upgrade Kits now Available at

OWC is now offering a new option for users to revitalize a Mac Pro. Mac Pro Processor Upgrade Kits are now available for Mac Pro Mid 2010 & 2012, as well as Mac Pro Late 2013. Users can have a Mac Pro functioning like a new unit, supercharging the technology they already have for a much lower investment than a new system would cost.

Mac users appreciate the ability to extend the life of their Macs. OWC is again providing Mac users with the solution to deliver reliable performance and functionality to late model systems. The processor upgrade solution allows users to regain the performance advantage they once had, and the ability to work successfully with the ever-increasing demands of today’s new applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Price listed online is before trade-in is calculated
  • Kits come complete and a how-to video is available for installation
  • Both trays and processor kits are warrantied for one-year replacement
  • Processors are fully tested before shipping
  • OWC’s award-winning customer support team is available to assist with questions

OWC’s processor upgrade solution is the most cost-effective way for users to once again have the computing power they need. With OWC support behind them, users can feel confident in their product installation and get the performance they need at a value they can appreciate.

Visit Mac Pro Processor Upgrade Kits for more information and pricing. To watch the how-to video on replacing the Processor in a Mac Pro (2010-2012), click here. To view the how-to video on replacing the Processor in a Mac Pro (2013), click here.

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  • How much will upgrading the processor actually help?

    We currently have a MacPro 5,1 with 2×6 core 2.4 ghz Xeon processors, and 128 GB of RAM (thank you OWC!)

    We have 100 email users, Fibre Channel SAN, file sharing, & FileMaker. I am thinking the processor speed bump wont actually make much of a difference for us, as we already have 12 cores & don’t do many processor intensive tasks (FCP rendering tends to be on the workstations & even final encoding seems to be quick on the MacPro as-is).


    …this also makes me glad we kept the 2012 rather than “upgrading” to the cylinder…

    Just need a pair of 4TB SSD PCI cards for boot drive & redundant boot drive. We currently run with Samsung 4 TB 2.5″ SSDs.