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Interview with MacVoices’ Chuck Joiner – OWC Radio #18

Chuck Joiner from the MacVoices podcast joins Tim to talk about the iPad, his job and his ability to argue well, Macintosh User Groups, being a Mac user, and the five questions of our This or That segment. Also, Tim asks for your help setting up a MacBook for his mother and father-in-law, and also posses the question: how soon after the iPad is released that it is hacked to run Mac OS X?

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Links from the show:
MacVoices Podcast
Chuck on Twitter @chuckjoiner
The MacJury

Show Notes:
Pink Floyd wins case, bans individual sales of songs on iTunes

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  • Don’t count those “garden variety hackers” out so quickly. Over the years, I have seen them do some pretty amazing things, and honestly, the ARM is plenty powerful enough to run the Mac OS X. If someone out there wants to do it badly enough, and I think there will be a fairly large core of hackers who do want to do so, then look for some pooling of talent and time to get it done.

  • How on earth would someone load Mac OS X onto an iPad? Mac OS X runs on Intel and PowerPC platforms. The iPad is an ARM based platform. Not that Apple won’t someday port the full Mac OS X to ARM vs just some select pieces (i.e. iPhone OS), but that’s not something your garden variety hacker would try to tackle.