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OWC Radio #58 – Gelatin In Every Pot, A Mac On Every Desk

Lion has arrived and is met with mixed reviews from our panel. Join us as we discuss all the new Macs, the future of Thunderbolt, and other major topics in the tech industry – such as Steve Jobs for President, the iPad and the Comic Book Industry, and when does science fiction become science fact?

OWC Radio is a monthly, forum-based podcast focused on the events and happenings in the Mac community. This week’s hosts are: OWC Grant, OWC Chris S., and OWC Mike H.

Links from the show:

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  • Hey, just started listening to the Podcast and really enjoy it. Been an OWC customer since I bought my first product from your guys, an accelerator for my Performa 6115 back in ’95! Been getting all my hard drives and RAM from OWC ever since.

    A few comments on the show… I actually have a Steve Jobs for President T shirt my wife bought me!

    Also, don’t remember who said it, but a wired mouse? Really? That’s so 1999! I’ve been using wireless mice for years now, usually a Logitec, but now a Mighty Mouse, since it came with my Early 2009 iMac. I don’t care for the wireless keyboard though, because I like the full size keyboard better, but corded mice are a nuisance! The cord is always too short and stiff and tangles up. I find no problem with the bluetooth.

    Lastly, I’m really enjoying Lion. I’ve used every version of Mac system software since 7.5, and I think this is a great evolution of OS X. Lots of nice touches, such as; finally I can Quicklook text clippings! And the Lookup function is cool. I also like the way I can type diacritical accents now without having to remember the key combination. I like the new scroll bars, but I changed the scrolling back to the old way since I’m using a mouse. Mission control is great, and over all thew system is much faster than the last two on this Mac.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • I went to Lion utterly unprepared and as a result for some reason it turned the clock back to 2008 or so. Old screen saver, no mail saved for the last 3 years. Luckily nothing I’ve done in the last 3 years has been that important (that I hadn’t backed up otherwise) but it was a strange Time Machine experience.

  • I do like my track pad. Sometimes it is annoying because I’ll touch it by mistake and I’ll end up on a new Link or a program on my desktop where I didnt want to b. I have a mouse for certain games which I like better. I don’t have to worry about taking a mouse or losing it. I think In time it is what one gets used to.

  • Interesting the amount of hate spoken at the beginning of this episode about trackpads.

    I’ve had a trackpad on my desktop since the early 90’s.

    When the PowerBook 500 first came out, I fell in love with the new trackpad. The company that made that trackpad part for Apple sold their own desktop ADB version called the Alps Trackpad. Many years later came the USB Cirque Easy Cat Glidepoint Touchpad. And FINALLY Apple started selling their own trackpad with full gesture support.

    Reasons that a trackpad is better than a mouse:
    * It takes up less desk space than a mouse
    * It gives the user more precise control than a mouse (you can simply roll your finger side to side for very small cursor movements as well as speed sensitive determining how far the cursor moves across the screen)
    * It requires much less hand movement than a mouse which is important for people with repetitive stress injury (much less stress to move a finger around than your whole arm/wrist)

    I understand that everyone has their own preference. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t prefer the trackpad due to the benefits over a mouse.

    • I thought I argued the for trackpad point…. in case it didn’t come across I too have loved trackpads since my first laptop an orange clammy iBook in 1999. I especially like the new multi-touch gestures, to say they’re convenient is an understatement an Lion really expanded on it.

      I have both trackpad based Macs and mouse based macs I play and work on. the trackpad definitely takes the cake for gestures…. I’m going to integrated wherein I’ll use both.

      I also made the point in the podcast that most are buying laptops anyway so all of those people are living trackpad too!

      Thanks for listening and the comment MacRat

    • I’ve been using Macs since 1993. I know how to use a Windows PC of course, but I haven’t owned one since 1992. I have an iMac & a MacBook Pro 17″

      I am partially Disabled. I have a Permanent Repetitive Stress Injury. As a result, I can’t use a Trackpad precisely because I can not execute those fine-muscle-Finger movements. However, It’s no problem. I can still use a Mouse and have no problems doing so.

      I also Like the Lion-OS a lot. I have had some minor problems with it, but every time the “Apple Care” Telephone support people have been able to solve every problem I have had. I still have 16 months of Apple Care left.