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Which Dock Is Best For You? Nerds Limited Tests Thunderbolt 3 & USB-C

Nerds Limited, a company that specializes in helping bridge the technological knowledge gap for their customers, knows Macs inside and out.

So, naturally Nerds Limited founder Jason Bache is very familiar with OWC solutions and upgrades that help Mac users take their workflows to the next level.

In a recent study, Bache decided to focus on docks, putting the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock and USB-C Dock through extensive testing to find out which users each dock is best suited for. Bache “designed a robust set of tasks to see if there was a statistically significant difference between the two docks the way most people use them most of the time.”

So what exactly did he find? You can read the entire study at Nerds Limited’s blog and view the accompanying video (above), but here is what Bache had to say concerning the OWC USB-C Dock:

“After hours of testing, we could find no single task, nor an SSD fast enough to slow down the [OWC] USB-C Dock as compared to its Thunderbolt 3 counterpart. Based on the specifications for USB-C, [the] only way that’s possible is with a perfect adherence to spec. That’s one of the most impressive results we’ve ever seen from a series of tests we’ve conducted. Perfect adherence to spec is frighteningly uncommon.”

Bache also outlines who would benefit most from the added power and functionality of the Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

So which member of the OWC dock family is right for you? Find out if you should get the best performing USB-C dock Bache has ever seen or the amazingly powerful Thunderbolt 3 Dock at Nerds Limited.

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  • Let’s see a reasonably priced Thunderbolt 3 dock with HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB 2, USB 3, USBC, ESATA and Firewire (for legacy device support).

    • Nothing like demanding a reasonable price for an unreasonable request. Hard to believe you didn’t demand LocalTalk and ADB ports, SCSI connection and a NuBus slot.

  • Bring also Thunderbolt 3 dock with at least two eSATA ports for disks like LaCie d2 USB 3 Thunderbolt Series.

  • Bring Thunderbolt 3 dock with more than two Thunderbolt 3 ports. There is not such a thing in the market today.

    All available Thunderbolt 3 docks today have one Thunderbolt 3 in port and one Thunderbolt 3 out port, so you do not gain any Thunderbolt 3 port.

    A dock with more Thunderbolt 3 ports would be great. At least three, and ideally four and even more.

  • I really would like to see a comparison of the TB3 Dock with other TB3 docks out on the market, especially the CalDigit TS3 and TS3 Plus docks as well as those rated number one and two in the other reviews most commonly hit on the internet.

    OWC has a reputation for honesty so I think it would be good if you compared your product to the competition.