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OWC has the ‘Perfect Chromebook Companions’ for Back to School

Google Chrome IconIt’s back to school season, and there’s a good chance that you’re taking back a Mac along with you for the new semester. (See how you can customize used Macs here).

But if you’re not planning on doing processor-intensive work or using Mac or Windows apps, and simply want a computer for research and cloud-based apps, you might consider opting a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can make great budget-friendly portable machines, although they do have shortcomings such as limited internal storage and ports, and confusing compatibility issues. However, OWC has solutions for your Chromebook’s limitations as pointed out by the team at Chrome Unboxed.

Dock for Your Desktop
“The 10 Port Dock looks great and the low profile design fits well on any desk or workspace.”

The Chromebook might be the ultimate portable machine, but you’ll also want something capable when you’re at your desk. OWC’s USB-C Dock lets you connect and charge your devices with five USB 3.1 ports and a USB-C port. Connect to wired internet when needed via its Ethernet port and take advantage of HDMI, Mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader for your multimedia needs. Learn more about the OWC USB-C Dock

Portable Dock – OWC USB-C Travel Dock
“…it’s just about the perfect travel companion. With a full-size HDMI, two USB A 3.1, a full-size SD card reader and power passthrough USB-C, there isn’t much this little guy won’t do.”

The OWC USB-C Travel Dock might just be the ultimate portable docking solution for Chromebooks. Drive an HD display, connect and charge two USB devices (like a phone or tablet…) and even access photos on an SD card. You can even add a USB-C power adapter and have a standalone charging station, so you can keep all your devices up and running. Learn more about the OWC USB-C Travel Dock

High-Performance Storage
“We tested the OWC Elite Pro Dual mini 1TB drive on the Pixelbook and it worked like a charm. The Pixelbook powered the drive and was able to read the devices full volume. With transfer speeds sustainable at 861MB/s, you can literally edit media directly from the drive.” Get up to 4.0TB with the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini

Affordable capacity
Chromebooks are all about affordability. If you’re looking for added external storage on a budget, check out the Chrome OS-compatible OWC Express USB 3.0. Get 1.0TB for $54.99 for a limited time.

Check out more back to school deals to pair with your Chromebook here.

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  • While they claim this works with Chromebooks the manual doesn’t mention anything about how to install it or install drivers so where do the drivers come from for Chrome?