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OWC Transforms AR/VR Workflows with Powerful New eGPU, SSD Enclosure Bundles

OWC’s newest eGPU and SSD storage enclosures make AR/VR a working reality

OWC has announced the availability of the OWC AR/VR Development Platform. The powerful Thunderbolt™ 3 connected Mercury Helios FX eGPU chassis and the Express 4M2 SSD enclosures come together in this bundle to make AR/VR a working reality for users needing the power to bring their creative visions to life.

Designed for flexibility and performance, the OWC AR/VR Development Platform is comprised of the Mercury Helios FX and Express 4M2 enclosures to deliver a robust yet flexible platform upon which AR/VR masterpieces can be built. Users have the opportunity to choose the SSDs and the GPU that power their creative vision across the finish line; when project requirements change, users can easily adapt with new SSDs and GPU.

AR/VR development demands the fastest storage and a lot of it, and the pint-sized powerhouse OWC Express 4M2 has the job covered. Express is ready to serve with four easy-to-access M.2 NVMe SSD slots, customizable for any workflow. Vibration damping feet allow for vertical or horizontal orientation to keep the unit cool and fit any workspace. Install up to 8TB of capacity and experience up to 2800MB/s of mind-bending performance via Thunderbolt 3.

The OWC Mercury Helios FX adds the power of a high-performance GPU to a Windows PC or Mac via Thunderbolt 3. Whether bringing an AR/VR vision to life, playing the latest hardware-punishing game, or connecting an additional display, this eGPU chassis is built to empower everything a user asks it to do. Achieve smoother frame rates, encode faster, edit in greater resolutions; there are plenty of options with support for most Thunderbolt-compatible AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce, TITAN, and Quadro GPUs. OWC’s Helios FX eGPU chassis is built to empower users and bring creative visions to life.

Also available soon will be the OWC AR/VR Development Solution Bundle, consisting of OWC Express 4M2 SSD enclosure and OWC Mercury Helios FX units, as well as graphics cards and SSDs for high-producing creatives who prefer to receive their solutions ready to power their imagination.

Find more information on the OWC AR/VR Development Platform and the OWC AR/VR Development Solution Bundle and to purchase the devices at

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  • Howdy OWC!

    First of all, I really love the news and analysis I get from this blog. Steve Sande is well informed, inspired, and writes well about stuff I don’t have to look up once he’s filled us in. I’d be shocked if every mac shop in the world doesn’t look at those as they come in. He’s a treasure.

    However, I tire of the advertised product announcements on the same channel. I get that you want to announce these, and there are people for whom it could be quite timely, but I’m wondering if there could be at least 2 separate blogs? Steve’s stuff and troubleshooting or talking about new software/hardware releases from Apple, The John Lennon music bus, and all of the natural things you want to do to promote OWC sales could have their own separate channels. The former feels more true to the “blog” format and the latter is essentially ads.

    It may be too much to ask, but I thought I’d reach out to Larry and just request 2 streams of info for those of us who are only interested in one.

    Thanks for considering it.