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MacStories: OWC Travel Dock ‘Best Option’ for Bringing Connectivity to iPad Pro

The OWC USB-C Travel Dock brings back portable connectivity and charging/power pass through power to your (USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 models 2015 and later) Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro, PC, or Chromebook. It also provides expanded connectivity to the recently released 2018 iPad Pro through its single USB Type-C integrated cable.

In the latest entry in his iPad Diaries series for, Federico Viticci took a deep dive into the 2018 iPad Pro’s USB-C port, which replaced the previous generation’s Lightning port. Viticci outlines some of the new features that come with the new connector as well as some of the current limitations.

One of the bright spots for USB-C is the easier ability to connect the iPad Pro to other accessories. In the iPad Diaries entry, Viticci tests several USB-C hubs and docks. And it was the OWC Travel Dock that Viticci said is “the best option I’ve found that works well for my sometimes quasi-desktop, sometimes portable use of the iPad Pro.”

Viticci was able to create a mobile podcasting and voiceover rig, powered by the OWC Travel Dock. You can see his production rig in the photo below.

(A mobile recording rig with iPad Pro made possible by OWC Travel Dock. Image courtesy of

“The portable design of the Travel Dock allows me to use the accessory with my Mac mini at my desk but, more importantly, with my iPad Pro whenever I need to plug in more than one USB device, such as a keyboard and a microphone,” the author said.

He added “there are times when I’m writing at the kitchen table and want to charge my iPad Pro while also typing with the Matias keyboard. With the Travel Dock, I can connect the Matias keyboard via USB-A to the hub and keep the iPad Pro charging by plugging the cable of my 60W adapter into the dock, then connect the dock to the iPad via USB-C.”

Check out the entire article at And read more about how the OWC Travel Dock can enhance your iPad Pro workflow here.

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  • I am looking for a device connection which will work as a 5G antenna for existing ipad, iphone and macbook devices. The current 801ac antennas in all the devices will not handle the large fast files transfer for 5G systems.