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Morgan Page and OWC Partner to Connect with Content Creators

Morgan Page
Morgan Page: Grammy-nominated producer, DJ, and seminal force in electronic music.

Morgan Page OWC Quick Tips

OWC has partnered with highly acclaimed DJ, music producer, and technical guru Morgan Page to develop and promote its new ‘Morgan Page OWC Quick Tips’ program. The program combines Page’s audio, computing and storage wizardry with his affinity for OWC’s high-end, professional-grade storage and connectivity solutions for the benefit of professional DJs, music producers, architects, graphic designers, and other professional content creators.

Morgan Page OWC Quick Tips are bite-sized actionable tips designed to improve your creativity and workflow through clear visuals and timeless concepts. Use them to work more efficiently at your craft, foster creative flow, and unlock your inner potential. Most of the tips revolve around preparation and workflow. Just like a chef employs “mise en place” having everything prepped and organized in the right place, creative professionals need their materials ready so the flow will move smoothly without obstructions. The workspace should serve the creative process. These cards provide simple clear reminders of time-tested methods to improve your flow, whether it’s working during specific times of the day, color coding your tools, naming your drives, or assembling your palette of materials. Originally the cards were designed for music producers, but they can apply to any discipline. So how do you use them?

Since the Quick Tips cards are tactile printed media, they have an advantage over apps and sites. They allow you to focus without getting drawn into social media distractions. You can shuffle and randomize them, earmark them, focus on just one card for the entire day, assign specific cards to teams and collaborators, or use all twenty by yourself. Everybody seems to have their own favorite card that unlocks their creative flow. The best way to get started is to sort through the cards, pick your favorites, and then find a chunk of time at the beginning of the week where you can get organized. Call it maintenance Mondays, and really go through your workspace. Think of the cards as grease for the gears of hard work. You still have to do the work, but these methods will improve the speed and sustainability of your flow. Later, shuffle and revisit the cards to come up with new ideas to improve your process. Enjoy and have fun!

Quick Tips printed cards will be shipped with these OWC products:

About Morgan Page

Morgan Page Live
Courtesy of Morgan Page

Grammy®-nominated DJ/Producer Morgan Page is ubiquitous within the dance music scene, performing at shows and festivals worldwide. Achievements include a string of #1 singles on the Billboard Dance chart, his “In the Air” show on Sirius XM and a three-year residency at Wynn Las Vegas. He is driven by the environment and technology, with a solar installation on the roof of his home to power his studio. Based in Los Angeles, Morgan Page is currently signed to Armada Music.


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