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Heads up! OWC Mercury On-The-Go prices are falling.

Just when you thought the deals on our OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro drive line were as good as you could get, they drop like an errant meteor.

Available in USB 2.0, FireWire 400 & USB 2.0, and FireWire 800/400 & USB 2.0 varieties, OWC Mercury On-The-Go portable solutions provide convenient, flexible storage at a competitive price. Built for performance, reliability, and durability, Mercury On-The-Go models have been recognized with top reviews and include ‘Very Good’, ‘Gear of the Year’, and Editor’s Choice award bestowments.

OWC Mercury On-the-Go Solutions require no external power; they reliably bus power via a single port – No Y-Cables or dual ports required! All of our solutions utilize the best qualified hard drive mechanisms for optimum performance and reliability. The On-The-Go’s shock absorbing design further protects the drive and your valuable data from external forces.

Other great features:

  • All connecting cables included
  • Bootable via all interfaces
  • Oxford chipsets (models with FireWire only)
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Intech Hard Disk Speed Tools suite, Carbon Copy Cloner included
  • Full retail versions of Prosoft DataBackup III for OS X(a $59.95 retail value) and NovaStor NovaBACKUP® for Windows (a $49.95 retail value).
  • Industry Leading 3 Year OWC Warranty

Right out of the gate, these storage solutions are among the best values out there. With our great new prices, that value gets even better!

USB 2.0 Model

FireWire 400 + USB 2.0 “Combo” Model

FireWire 800/400 + USB 2.0 ‘Triple’ Model

Also available: OWC On-the-Go 2.5”  ‘add your own drive’ kits from $24.99.

Not only are these great portable drives at great prices, but these drives also qualify for the Prosoft Drive Genius Special Offer. You can get Drive Genius 3 for $39 with the purchase of any OWC External Storage Solution. That’s 60% off Prosoft’s retail price, and 50% off OWC’s lowest normal selling price!

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  • As a huge fan of the On-The-Go, and OWC enclosures in general, I know what you’re talking about regarding the brightness of the Cool Blue LED. There are, however, things you can do to reduce or eliminate the brightness a little.

    Opening a prebuilt OTG will void the warranty on it (as Grant mentioned above). There is, however, a fairly simple solution. With all the prebuilt models comes a black carrying case. Just leave the drive inside the case when running it. The clear case should transfer some of the light (not unlike fiber optics) but it should be considerably dimmer. It should run comfortably like that, but if you have heating concerns, you can always pull it slightly out of the bag, so that the heat sink shows, but the light is still covered. It’s not particularly elegant, but at least it doesn’t affect the warranty.

    If you are using one of our DIY kits (or have a solution that’s past its warranty period.) you may want to consider some dark gray cellophane, which can be found inexpensively in many craft stores. Simply cut out pieces to cover the front face and the sides and place them on the inside. That should diffuse the light substantially. For further diffusion, you may want to consider a layer of thin paper behind the cellophane.

    If you want something more permanent and go with Grant’s idea of using a spray paint on it, I highly recommend removing the electronic components and the heat sink, masking the outside surfaces for neatness, and and spray painting the inside of the enclosure. That way, your paint won’t get scratched off, and only the plastic gets scratched. It is similar to the method used for the G3/G4 iBooks, the UFO-shaped AirPort Base Stations, and many of the G4 Towers.

  • Can you specify the LEDs/color/brightness on these?

    I got the USB/firewire external case a while back but the blue LED on it is bright enough (I got out a meter) to delay sleep. Here’s why: (this is more of a problem for older people, by the way).

    I could put a dab of black paint over it and hope it doesn’t short out the board — any better idea?

    • Hi Hank and thanks for stopping by. We call it a Cool Blue LED…and it is bright for sure. Other than that, we haven’t measured it’s output with any kind of scientific device.

      You can’t open a solution case (pre-built by us with a hard drive) or you void the warranty. So I’d either get a kit where you add your own drive and then can try to modify the LED itself (but any damage caused to other components by doing such would void warranty) or perhaps best route to take in any case would be to use some sort of matte finish spray paint on the outer acrylic face on the On The Go to diffuse the brightness.

      Being clear and without any kind of diffusion, it’s going to be bright. Other idea is to get this solution:
      since the front vent panel perforations do diffuse the light pretty well.