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The Other World – Episode 2

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  • Glad to see all’s well that ends well!

    On a side note, Love the comic! I had a good chuckle! Great job guys!

  • It is our goal to satisfy our customers 100% of the time. It is unacceptable to us when our customers are disappointed. This is why we offer multiple options in hopes of addressing your concerns.

    The second option OWC offered in the same email (for those who don’t have access to Windows) was a UPS return label. This way OWC could cover shipping both ways and do the firmware update in house.

    If you have any questions please let me know. I can also be reached directly via my contact information in the email. Thanks for your time.

  • I’ve been buying your great products for many years, so expectations are higher than from a big box store. :-)

    Here was the response I got this morning:
    “There is a simple fix for your booting problem on your Elite-AL pro mini. The fix is an update to the firmware available for download here: … You will have to run the firmware update in a Windows Operating system (native or Parrallels/Vmware).”

    Note that there ARE people in the world who don’t now and never owned Windows. ;-)

    I know there’s not much you can do about that issue as you are limited to the firmware tool created by the chip supplier. Maybe someday you can get them to provide a UNIX updater that you can wrap for your customers using Macs, OpenSolaris and Linux.

  • Thank you for your honest feedback.

    Other World Computing sincerely apologizes for failing to meet your expectations concerning the support of your Mac Mini. There was a miscommunication on our part.

    OWC has built a reputation on the service levels that we provide for our customers and we are truly sorry that your experience has not met your expectations.

    It is always frustrating when unexpected issues arise, but we’re here to help and happy to do so.

    At this point, our Technical Support Supervisor Brian Bellman would be happy to work with you so this does not become more of an inconvenience for you. Brian will be reaching out to you today.

    We hope that we will be successful in addressing both your concerns and needs and also hope that we will have an opportunity to regain your trust in the future.

  • Is this the same support staff who claims that Elite-AL Pro mini won’t boot multiple Mac mini’s and takes over a minute to mount is just because: “The OWC Tech Supervisor advises me that the MacMini is very sensitive about booting from Firewire.”

    The Mac mini’s don’t have any problems mounting or booting via firewire from my Mercury Elite-AL Pro, Mercury Elite Pro Classic or Mercury On-The-Go Pro enclosures.

    I was quite disappointed by this response from OWC support. Especially after 6+ years of buying OWC enclosures for myself and friends. (OWC enclosures being used on over a dozen Mac mini’s alone without issue.)

    Since OWC won’t get it working, maybe I’ll just dump it on a Windows user who will be happy with the USB interface.