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Mac Pro Now Available for Purchase

Mac Pro purchase page with blue buy button highlighted

The little matte-blue buy button finally appeared on Apple’s Mac Pro page this morning. No hype, no fanfare, no press release, not even a cameo appearance on the homepage. The moment we have all been waiting for has come and gone with nary a peep.

So why even throw a post together? Simply to let you know that we here at Rocket Yard have our Mac Pro on order:

  • 3.3GHz 12‑core processor
  • Radeon Pro Vega II with 2x32GB of HBM2 memory
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • Apple Afterburner card
  • Magic Mouse 2
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad – US English
  • Accessory Kit

(And there was much rejoicing! Yay…) #montypython

There will undoubtedly be Rocket Yard unboxing and “look inside” videos forthcoming, but also opinions on real-world usage, reviews-a-plenty, perhaps even some comparison testing. Product Development will do most of the heavy lifting, because, well… that’s what they do.

PD will be all hands on deck with a few different tricked out Mac Pros, running a bevy of OWC products through their paces with plenty of testing and benchmarking. Not to mention coming up with more brilliant ideas for improving and maximizing this powerhouse to optimize user workflow and provide solutions. We’ll keep you posted with any news and findings that you may find interesting or useful.

As soon as we can compile a list of all the tests and benchmarks that we will be doing, we’ll let you know. And don’t forget to keep your eye on the Mac Pro Upgrades page at for information on how to get the most out of your new Mac Pro!

Did any of you Rocket Yard readers pull the trigger today? If so, let us know! If not, we understand. After all, the option to upgrade to 1.5TB of memory is currently greyed out, and you probably want that. But only if you’re planning on dropping an additional $25,0000 to have more RAM than most people have in drive space on their Macs. A fully loaded machine? $52,748.00. However, Apple is kind enough to offer 6% cashback if you use your Apple Card.

As it’s tagline states, the Mac Pro has the “Power to change everything.” Including making your pockets a bit shallower.

OWC Mark C
the authorOWC Mark C
Content Marketing Manager
A creative by nature, Mark is a writer, programmer, web developer, musician, culinary craftsman, and interpersonal artisan. He loves the outdoors because greenspace is to the soul as whitespace is to the written word. He does not like Diophantine geometry or mosquitos. Most everything else is okay. Oh yeah, he is also the managing editor of the Rocket Yard blog.
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  • I have been waiting 6 years for this day. I’m ready to buy the Mac Pro. I found the blue ‘Buy’ button at 4 minutes after 9 PST and found the black round Mac Pros for sale. Then at 9:05 the page changed to the new Mac Pro order page. I looked through the options and prices.

    My problem – which one to get, the 8 core or 12 core. The 8 core has the slower bus and memory speed. The 12 core and above all have the faster bus and memory speed. But, is it worth $1000.

    I know I want the 1TB SSD as the 256GB SSD is too small to have for a main drive. The Radeon Pro Vega graphics card is too much for my budget. I did think the After Burner was less than I thought it would be.

    Now, what options to get and what can I afford. I don’t want to wait too long to order. But I will soon order my Mac Pro. I do video editing and Photoshop work. I will be using Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.

    I want the Mac Pro because I can upgrade it over the next few years and get a lot of use and life out of it. The price is a little high, but not that unrealistic, since my first Mac cost $5000 in 1996. (A Mac 8500) So what is $6500 for a computer I plan on using for the next 10 years. My current Mac Pro is a 2008 model and I’m still using it for video editing. That’s 11 years old.

    I can hardly wait to get a new Mac Pro.

  • No! Nay! Never!
    No, nay, never no more!
    Will I play Apple’s sucker,
    No, nay, neveeeeeer, no more!

    OWC is in a tough spot: They have to “play along” with The Second Evil Empire (Apple), but they know better. We can only hope they will continue to save us from the evil machinations of T.C. the Avaricious. (Wasn’t there a “Prince Valiant” villain of that name, or something like it? Is OWC our Prince Valiant? May all the forces of the universe grant it so!)