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Back to School? Pack a new Mac, and get a Free iPod Touch!

It’s that time again… well, almost. First we get to spend the Summer months outside—or maybe inside playing games thanks to this years addition of even more powerful NVIDIA graphics and the addition of Steam to our new Macs (as if Mac users in school weren’t already spending nights doing this instead of assignments).

Looking ahead to school this Fall, Apple has resurrected the Free iPod Touch rebate!

If you read my post for Back to School earlier this year, you may remember that Apple’s Educational discount is available to individuals including faculty, staff, students and their parents as outlined in Apple’s Terms and Conditions.

Here’s what you need to do to get your Free iPod Touch:

Step 1: Purchase a qualifying Apple Computer and iPod Touch (at the same time, on the same receipt!) via the Educational discount pricing before September 7th, 2010. Note: Refurbished Apple Computers do not qualify for this offer.

Step 2: Happily bouncing in your seat after you receive the new Apple goodies, submit an online claim for your iPod Touch rebate within 90 days from when the order shipped. After submitting the claim, you can check the status online as well!

(Note: rebates are being offered on not only the Touch but the Classic, Nano and Shuffle as well. See Apple’s Maximum Rebate Amount for these models in their Back to School Terms and Conditions)

And of course, Step 3: Call or visit Other World Computing to upgrade your new Mac with more memory, a bigger, faster hard drive or even a handy travel mouse for gaming at school… I mean coursework. We have plenty of external storage options available for keeping critical schoolwork safe and backups of your truly important media. Don’t forget to check out our iPod accessories—even though you got it for free, there’s nothing wrong with getting a great deal with the accessories you want!

Now relax, knowing you’ll be heading back to school with a new iPod you got for FREE and a Mac to show off to friends, staff, family… or just keep it at home knowing it’s more than capable of running the programs you use at school, files you put together for an assignment, and plenty of entertainment to distract you from it all!

OWC Devin
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