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OWC Devin

OWC Devin
5 posts

Honoring World Space Week | Be curious. Be inspiring.

53 years ago the Space Age began, launching curious minds into a celebration of discovery. Yesterday marked the 54th launch anniversary of Sputnik 1, the satellite that drew the starting line for humanity's race into space. Now a week long...

Back to School? Pack a new Mac, and get a Free iPod Touch!

It's that time again... well, almost. First we get to spend the Summer months outside—or maybe inside playing games thanks to this years addition of even more powerful NVIDIA graphics and the addition of Steam to our new Macs (as...

Top 5 Tech FAQs for Spring 2010

While providing the utmost in Technical assistance at OWC, we often hear the same question multiple times. Below, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from our Tech Support FAQ page. Hopefully, these will help you spend less...

Tech Tips: Spring Cleaning

Spring means that its time to clean up for the new year. Based on my experience here at OWC, I would like to drop my top 5 EASIEST cleanup tips for the Mac. 5.) Dust your Mac. No, really -...

Back to School? Pack the Mac!

With Winter Intersession underway and Spring Semester on the horizon, here's some helpful tips for your educational, Mac-eccentric pleasure! First off, "If you’re a college student, a parent buying for a college student, or a member of the faculty, administration,...