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Tech Tips: Spring Cleaning

Spring means that its time to clean up for the new year. Based on my experience here at OWC, I would like to drop my top 5 EASIEST cleanup tips for the Mac.

5.) Dust your Mac. No, really – dust can reduce the life of your electronics by damaging the components. Laptops, Mac Minis and iMacs are virtually impenetrable but still need to be wiped off – and blow out those vents! Grab a can of compressed air and a scratch-free cloth like our Newer Technology Microfiber Pro (just $3.99!!) and keep that Mac free of dust!

4.) Clean your Mac’s Screen. OWC Larry has personally suggested the Lenspen VidiMax Ultra: Deluxe LCD / Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit in several OWC Newsletters and Blogs! The Lenspen kit is great for Laptops, Monitors, TVs, LCDs, Plasma screens, CRTs, Digital picture frames, & more! Just $14.99 on OWC Super Saver special.

3.) Remove Scratches in your Mac’s Plastic. Scratches in the plastic of your Apple devices can take in dirt, grime and stains which make it look down-right old and filthy. Our Newer Technology Clean & Polish Kit consists of a 3 easy-step plastic-polishing system. Absolutely the BEST way to remove scratches from your Apple iPod, iBook, MacBook (white) or any plastic surface! Just 3 steps – Heavy Scratch Remover, Fine Scratch Remover and lastly the Plastic Clean and Shine for a like new finish! Just $14.75 on MacWorld Expo 2010 Promo!

2.) Clean your Mac’s Keyboard. Oh yes – you know crumbs or dust bunnies have infiltrated before. This is a tip that not only keeps your keyboard in proper functioning order, but also fights germs. So, be hygienic! Pop off the keys, use a alcohol swab if you need – and when you’re done, maybe consider a keyboard protector like the OWC Clear skin protector for the Apple Aluminum Keyboard with Numeric Keypad – just $7.99 on OWC Super Saver special.

1.) Use Onyx on your Mac. Need I say more? After cleaning the outside, you need to clean the Mac’s inside! We posted a review of Onyx on the blog back in October 2009. Check it out for an overview of usage. As stated in the Tech Toolbox post – taking just a few minutes to run this maintenance utility can increase performance and even prevent disasters. Just jump over to – Onyx is available in versions for OS 10.2 or later. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

Now that you’re ready for another year with your Mac, don’t forget that nice and clean is possible without a shiny new purchase from Apple! Do it yourself, save on repairs and keep your Mac looking AND running like new!

Devin Predmore
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