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Powered By OWC: Adam Blackstone, Super Bowl Halftime Music Director

Adam Blackstone

Adam Blackstone

On TV, radio, or at a live concert at your favorite stadium, the Adam Blackstone sound has indeed permeated your eardrums. Blackstone is not only a multi-faceted bass player, musician, Emmy-nominated Music Director, and Grammy award-winning writer, but he is also the musical mastermind behind the live shows of many of today’s most prominent artists – and the halftime show of football’s biggest game.

In the short video below, Blackstone talks about how OWC products are an essential part of his musical workflow. He is particularly fond of his many Envoy Pro EX SSDs and his 8TB Mercury Elite Pro Dual – citing that both have sped up his workflow tremendously.

“I love my Envoy Pro EX Solid State Drives. I’m able to give those to different engineers, and right away, they spark up. They’re fast, they’re super reliable – this is my second Super Bowl, using that technology,” says Blackstone.

“I am able to use multiple computers, multiple recording sources, but none of that would be possible if I didn’t have the proper storage, and also the proper backups to everything that’s going on.”

“I’m also able to use my Mercury Pro Elite Dual 8TB Hard Drive for major, major products,” he continues. “Not only am I able to store sounds, video, and files on there, I’m able to back it up with that RAID system, and that means so, so much when it comes to the workflow we are trying to do here at BBE.”

“I’m so thankful for OWC and what they’ve been able to do, to increase the speed of my workflow. I’m thankful because they make it easy for not only the professional musician but also the regular consumer, to know that this is the strongest product on the market. And I will continue to use this [gear] in the future, and hopefully many, many more gigs to come.”

“Thank you, OWC.”

No Adam, thank you!

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  • It is nice to incorporate videos into your blog. However this video really does not explain anything about how he uses the devices in his workflow. It would be much more useful if you played a video of him constructing a project so that The viewer could see how the individual devices are actually used in his workflow. This video does not really give any practical tips or demonstrate the products in action.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Videos of this nature are meant to be promotional in nature, but it is certainly worth looking into producing content as you outline.