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Earth Week: Day 3 – OWC Celebrates Earth Day’s 50th With Continued Green Leadership

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Our Green Future

OWC has opened two new facilities – one that has recently been equipped with the maximum in solar capability, and the other soon to be equipped. OWC has always taken an approach of ‘waste not, want not’ in avoiding planned obsolescence, extending the life and performance of existing hardware, and maximizing the benefits of finite resources required to do so. OWC applies the same consideration to resources it utilizes and sees environmental stewardship as the only right thing to do for future generations. With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today, OWC is primed to widely expand its green practices with these additional solar power installations coming online. They add to already significant solar and wind generation and many other operational aspects that recognize the pricelessness of our environment.

Austin, TX

Picture of a New OWC Solar Array in Austin, Tx.
OWC’s new solar array in Austin, Tx.
(Click for full image)

OWC’s Austin, TX team moved into a larger facility late in 2019 and recently had a solar installation consisting of 696 American-made SunPower solar panels installed across their new corporate park. The panels will provide up to 355,000kWh/yr. of power, or 48% of the electricity used by the buildings in that location. The array was installed in early March, and based upon work from home coronavirus restrictions, will hopefully be inspected and generating power by May.

Woodstock, IL

The OWC service and upgrade team moved from the existing Woodstock, IL headquarters into a newly-renovated 14,000 sq. ft. space this month. The move was necessitated by the requirement for additional room and team members, allowing OWC to expand upon its sales of used Macs and build-outs and servicing of both used Macs and customers’ machines that are sent directly to OWC for repairs and upgrades. The plan for the additional Woodstock facility will include the installation of 154 solar panels. Continuing in OWC’s long tradition of recycling, the current plan is the installation of the panels initially utilized on the roof of OWC’s first Austin location that went online in 2015.

Reclaiming materials from Austin facility
(Click for full image)

“Everyone on the team at OWC is proud to take part in making the environment a priority,” said Larry O’Connor, OWC Founder and CEO. “This green mandate that OWC has always lived is top-to-bottom. The business started from the reuse/re-inking of printer ink ribbons and expanding to give customers the power to perform their own upgrades and keep their machines running better and longer. Now it’s the recycling, shipping, cleaning, power—and more—that every team member participates in at every OWC location. It is exciting to be celebrating Earth Day at 50, and to know that we are all making a difference in the world around us, for the better.”

Our Green Past

OWC's wind turbine in Woodstock
OWC’s wind turbine in Woodstock, IL
(Click for full image)

OWC has a proud history of green power support and generation. A Vestas V39/500 wind turbine went operational at OWC headquarters in Woodstock in October of 2009. OWC quickly became the first manufacturer/distributor in the U.S. to become 100% on-site wind-powered. The wind turbine alone in Woodstock generates more power than is consumed at the location, where most of OWC’s team members work, estimated at 265,650kWh/yr. The additional clean energy produced by wind and sun is pushed back out onto the local grid. Beyond solar and wind power, OWC currently recycles 97 percent of its solid waste materials and received LEED® Platinum Certification from the Green Building Certification Institute for the headquarters in 2010.

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