Battle for Hoth, FaceBook, and iPhone 4 – OWC Radio #34

iPhone 4 press conference and Apple’s plan to fix the Antenna-gate issue. Tim talks about the his own problems with the iPhone 4, and what Apple plans to do to fix the problems he has had. Star Wars: Battle for Hoth is finally out and Tim has a mini-review. Is HULU for the iPad getting a fair shake? Will Tim switch to an Android OS cell phone? And, on a serious note, what would you do in a situation the host talks about?

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  • Thanks, Mike. It turns out, the guy we reported to the police has been reported by a few other people now as well, so it looks like there may be some much needed jail time in this persons future. We can only hope!

    I think the AntennaGate thing has been WAY blown out of proportion. The sensor problem, however, well, I just had a phone call that I accidentally hung up on because of the proximity sensor not working. That needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Listened to the podcast on the way to a friends house. Very enjoyable. Good show. Don’t completely agree the cell phones demand 100% signal… Never met one that could.

    Good show… Especially like the online security and watching out for your kids and family online.