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Antennagate Fails To Feed The Mob

Serving up a plate of crow to the naysayers.We’re not going to resummarize the whole Apple “iPhone 4 Antenna” press conference; every other tech blog has already done that, many of them in real time.

As OWC Mike H. said to me earlier today, it was eerie how some of what Steve said had been channeled in our post last night. Maybe that’s because, being in the same industry, we live the same passions for serving our customers and creating (sorry Steve but it is a great line) insanely great products. I felt his comments today were spot on…and even his use of  the word “bulls***”… well… that is kind of an old-school word and really does cut to the bone when “calling it like it is.”

One point he raised that I had in (but later removed from) my post last night was about Apple being an American company. Do any of the lynch mobs realize just how important Apple is to our economy and how many ancillary jobs (like yours truly for example) they help to create? I’d say what was misquoted in the 1950’s by the president of GM, “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” could be changed to a modern day and correct version of “What has been good for our country has been good for Apple and vice versa.”

Economy aside, Bloomberg had better ante up some serious proof of the knowledge of antenna concerns they contend they were privy to or Apple just may be adding a new content source to their portfolio…

Dang… it must be a slow summer in the news rooms for all this noise.

Hmm… you know… this could be a redirect from the highest levels…

“Get their minds off the oil spill and the economy… Dropped calls! This is serious business… there has to be a cover up.”

Now there’s a story to contemplate… ;-)

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  • What’s the big deal? I just put Band-Aid brand band aids around my iPhone and it works normally for an AT&T service area!

  • Travis – Political opinion? I think Grant is just keeping it lighthearted… greeting audacity with audacity…

    y’know… the whole “the end of the world is here… the iphone isn’t perfect!!!”.

    With “it’s a massive government conspiracy theory” :)
    Those IMHO can apply to any party at the helm.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Now the most important headlines will read: “What color bumper are you getting?” ;)

    It’s orange for me by the way.

  • Apple solved the antenna problem by giving away free bumpers and cases.

    Case closed. No more antenna problem.

    This is the best scenario.

    The iPhone with bumpers actually looks very cute. It is like the original generation iPhone in appearance. It also has better grip.

    I think Steve Jobs and Apple did a fantastic job of addressing the problem.

    After today, there shouldn’t be any further antenna issues since it would be the same as with any other cell phone antenna.

  • I think this was hyped so much that it actually limited Apple’s response options.

    A simple cost-benefit analysis would show that with so many units shipped, and the intense media focus, they don’t have any other recourse than to deny, put on a bandage, and work on the next design at a pace that is on their terms.

    If Apple had gone any other direction, it would have provided more fuel to the fire for the media to pounce on.

    I am affected by the problem, but I do think this is the best phone out there and my cost-benefit analysis shows me keeping the phone and keeping my palm off the lower left corner.

    Apple will not make this mistake again and their next design will not have this problem and will probably sell better than the iPhone 4 has, because people will remember this antenna issue as a small little annoyance that will be gone when they get the new model. The other amazing features of the iPhone 4 will overshadow the antenna issue by far in a few months time after people change their grip (I know I have) or get a case.

    Apple pushes the envelope, this is just the nature of the game…

  • haha, the last “quote,” and even other contents of this blog seem to indicate your political position. here is another quote on how i feel about that: “i ain’t mad at ya, got nothing but love for ya. do your thang, bro.”