Have you seen these vintage Apple commercials?

Apple, for some reason, has been in the headlines lately, so we weren’t all that surprised to find this collection of ten vintage Apple TV commercials over at Mashable. Besides, we thought, maybe a trip down memory lane would be good for all parties.

It might even help jog my memory… geez… I can remember seeing some of these for the first time and how much I wanted to emulate their ad style. The message was never was about the specs…it was always about what a Mac (and yes, even the II’s!) let you do. Well… that and some pretty bad 80’s hair styles…although the cameo by Kevin Costner makes him look timeless.

So enjoy what ends up being like a visit with an old friend. Despite some time apart, you settle into a comfortable familiarity and feel a sense of contentment afterward.

Of course, if you’re feeling extra nostalgic, be sure to check the “Other Goodies” section of the Shareware Collection that can be found on every OWC and NewerTech external storage solution. In there, you’ll find a large selection of other Apple commercials, ranging from “1984” through the “Get a Mac” series.

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