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OWC Mercury Rack Pro Four Bay 1U Rackmount RAID Storage Solutions Now Offer Up To 12.0TB Of High Performance Data Storage/Backup Capacity

Other World Computing today announced that it has expanded the storage capacity of its OWC Mercury Rack Pro rackmount storage solutions to an industry leading maximum of 12.0TB. With four hard drive bays each capable of holding up to 3.0TB each, the OWC Mercury Rack Pro now delivers up to a total of 12.0TB of high performance data storage and backup capacity in a space-saving 1U rackmount design. The Mercury Rack Pro is available in two RAID and interface models: the “Quad Interface” model with FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2, and eSATA ports and Hardware RAID 0/1/5/10/Span modes; and the eSATA port multiplier RAID ready model.

17 Mac and PC Compatible Solutions Up To 12.0TB from $529.99

The Mercury Rack Pro is immediately available in 17 pre-configured solutions, from 2.0TB to 12.0TB, priced starting at $529.99 MSRP from Other World Computing at The Mercury Rack Pro is compatible with Apple OS X 10.2 and higher, and Windows Windows XP and later operating systems and comes complete with all interface connecting cables, a $200 retail value disk utility software bundle, and up to a 5 year solution warranty.

Designed For Demanding A/V Production And Data Centers

Specifically designed to meet the performance and data capacity demands of Audio/Video production and data/network operation centers, the Mercury Rack Pro’s new higher capacity of up to 12.0TB compliments its interface and RAID capable flexibility for the best combination of data storage capacity, reliability, and overall data transfer performance.

Enterprise Edition For 24/7 Use
Enterprise Editions of the Mercury Rack Pro use Enterprise class SATA hard drives manufactured to tighter specifications intended for the more demanding requirements of 24/7 server environments. All OWC Mercury Rack Pro standard solutions are covered by a two year warranty, while the Enterprise Editions are covered by a five year warranty.  In addition to the longer warranty, the Enterprise Editions also include a one year cross-ship warranty and three years of Level One Data Recovery, if needed.

Mercury Rack Pro product line features:

• Supports up to four 3.0TB 3.5″ SATA hard disk drives for up to 12.0TB total storage capacity
• Up to 256MB total data buffer
• Oxford 936QSE chipset
• “Quad Interface” model preconfigured as RAID 5 w/rear panel selectable Hardware RAID settings: SPAN, 0, 1, 5, 10
• eSATA port multiplier model features RAID readiness for RAID 0 and Span modes
• Super quiet operation
• System status & drive activity LED indicators
• All interface connection cables
• Internal US/International 100/240V Auto Switching power supply
• Warranty: 2 year Standard Solution, 5 year Enterprise Solution
• Mac and PC compatible
• Includes $200 retail value utility software bundle consisting of Prosoft Engineering® Data Backup 3, NovaStor NovaBACKUP®, Intech® SpeedTools Utilities, and Carbon Copy Cloner.

“The demand for storage and backup capacity continues to grow and that is especially true for A/V production studios and corporate data centers,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. “By offering the industry’s largest single drive capacity, a host of user conveniences, and reliability backed by up to a five year warranty, the Mercury Rack Pro is the choice for anyone seeking serious storage.”

Exclusive Checkout Savings Plus Up To 60% Off Leading Software Titles

Complimenting the $200 retail value utility software bundle included with every Mercury Rack Pro are two additional money-saving software offers:

• Maintain, repair, optimize, and manage drives like a pro with the full retail version of Drive Genius 3 for $39…a savings of 60% off retail.

• Run Windows applications on a Mac with Parallels Desktop Version 6 for $39…a savings of 50% off retail.

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  • I know that I can either set the RAID with hardware or with software. If I choose software, in what configuration should the three switches be? All down, all up, in some up-down configuration, or does it matter? Could this be the cause for the bad smell?

  • I just bought an OWC Mercury Rack Pro, 4 bay enclosure, put in the drives, plugged it in. It works fine, but STINKS! I live in Europe and have it set to 230v. Is this normal? It is terrible!

  • Completely agree with Roman.

    This is a great item, and usb3 version can also be a very good option, but once you try thunderbolt, working in a very high data level video environment, you don’t want anything else.

    Definitely, a 1u rack mount thunderbolt built, with the options of raid configuration 0, 1, and 5, would be a perfect solution for me.

    There is nothing like this yet in the market, but I think the Stardom guys are working on something similar with that thunderbolt connection. The one that develops that first will win the race! Come on OWC!

    I would entrust a pair of them right now!

    Consider either that the new Mac Pro will have for sure that thunderbolt connection, that is what a lot of people is waiting for. It would be great also to develop a pcie card with that connection for the Mac Pro.

  • Where can I find something about deep? It’s clear regarding High (1U) and Large (19″)… DEEP…?

  • Fantastic item, but think about Thunderbolt connection too. In this case You will be absoltely no. 1 in rack Storage proposals.

  • That’s great, but I miss a 1U rackmount with space for 8-16 2.5 disks.

    The 2.5 disk footprint being so much smaller, 8 disks can surely fit. I believe at least 12 disks can be mounted in hot-swappable bays in a 1U design.

    The capacity is smaller, but the power efficiency is higher, which makes for an interesting math. Some people also just don’t have the physical space, or just prefer the smaller thingies. Or I may wish to run at least one hot-spare, and/or a RAID 6.

    The RAID math is interesting, we are approaching capacity levels where a RAID 5 will not provide adequate protection, as the risk of 2 simultaneous disk failures increases. This makes the case for a RAID 6.

    I would also love desktop disk units comprised of multiple (2-8) 2.5 disks in your product line.