iPad released in 11 more countries – OWC already there.

In case you didn’t know, the iPad’s reach extended a little bit further yesterday. Now folks in several Scandinavian, European, and Eastern Asian countries can get their iPad on, as Apple has released the device in the following countries: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, and Taiwan.

We’d like welcome these countries to the growing masses of iPad enthusiasts and have some great news for them. If someone in Portugal would like to pick up a NewerTech NuVue to protect their iPad’s screen, they can get it directly from us. The same thing goes for someone wanting an iFolio in Malaysia, a Pad Protector in Hungary or any other combination of country and product. OWC ships to the above-listed countries, and over 170 other ones as well.

People around the world love the iPad. With our International Shipping options, they can love OWC, too.

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