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One Week Of Living With The iPad

Instant gratification can be exhilarating…but like first impressions, they often leave you wanting more or a deeper insight. So while others on blogs, sites, forums, etc. rode this introduction like a firehose rodeo, we thought we might wait a bit and give you a themed examination of the iPad.

In this installment, we wanted to see what various team members here thought of their iPad after having it for a week and the roar of the hype fades quietly into the night. The really cool thing about this one week insight summary is that the users represent a wide diversity of personal and professional traits. So there’s sure to be a reviewer with whom you can relate. Without further adieu, here’s the blogroll of OWC’ers Tim, Mike H., Erik, Ron and Jamie.


The iPad has already changed how I want to read books. Because I am loath to go shopping at the mall, where the only decent book store is located, I have fallen way behind in books I meant to read. iBooks makes browsing, trying, and buying books almost too easy. Most of the books in iBooks has thirty or more page samples, so like the iTunes music store, I can try before I buy. This has caused me to spend more money on books in one week than I had the last year. The iPad and iBooks are simply fantastic.

OWC Mike H

“The iPad doesn’t replace anything…” “It’s an extra device people don’t know they need.” Media pundits regurgitated that message over the last 66 days. Well… via Multi-Touch, an excellent large screen, smooth-as-glass font rendering, and gorgeous interfaces, the iPad in one week’s time has become my preferred device for: web browsing, email, reading books, reading the news with newspaper-like interfaces, looking at photos, taking notes, scheduling, star-gazing, and viewing online video. I’ll continue to create media on my desktop/laptop, but my iPad is where I’ll consume/explore it all. For me, the iPad delivers a richer and more convenient Internet/Media experience in a way it should always have been.

OWC Erik

One week with my iPad and I feel as if i have only scratched the surface of what is really possible with this device. I am in this weird transitional state between using my iPad like a larger iPhone for apps and learning to use it like an iPad. It’s much more than just a larger experience, it’s a more engaging experience.

It’s not even one week old yet and any review, short or long, just seems ridiculous to me right now. One day you read a list of 10 things the iPad does not do like edit photos or let you create new content on it and the next day you see impressive apps like Photogene or DrawingPad that totally invalidate said list.

With the announcement of the next revision of the OS that will add tons of new features for users and new capabilities for app developers we are in for a continually evolving ride on an ever exciting platform. I can only simply state that purchasing an iPad today feels like an investment into the future.


After almost a week with my iPad, I can say I am completely hooked! My MacBook Pro has spent every night this week in its case and the hour or two I spend catching up on email has been joyfully completed with my iPad. After only a few hours of use, it started to feel almost natural typing on the multi-touch surface. One of the few downsides I saw from the beginning was lack of multitasking support, but after yesterday’s iPhone OS 4 preview, I am now confident that this amazing piece of technology will be a game-changer.

OWC Jamie

I received the iPad I’m using on launch day and can wholeheartedly say that it’s meeting my expectations as sold by Apple, but definitely exceeding my expectations when it comes to third party apps. I have focused on only adding native iPad apps and the development community certainly has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Can you tell that I love MLB’s At Bat? Also I was blown away when I played with GoSkyWatch Planetarium – for a free application that’s definitely an incredible application as well and showcases the iPad’s capabilities, I encourage you to try it. As I’ve already got an iPhone and an iPod Touch, I cannot say that the iPad will change anything for me – but it’s becoming an item more and more used. Maybe we need to revisit this topic in a month and see how well the new toy fits into my lifestyle? If I had to change anything, I’d make it a bit lighter – but I do realize that it needs to be a very very strong device and it would probably be a challenge to manufacture without compromise. Bottom line…I’d purchase one again in a heartbeat.

Over all, it would seem that the iPad is meeting or exceeding expectations. As more apps are designed for the iPad and once iPhone OS 4 for iPad comes out this fall, the iPad will really begin to come into its own.

Rocket Yard Contributor
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  • Great reveiw.

    I agree, I bought the device on Monday and am absolutely enthralled by it. I am having a blast exploring how to interface with it!

    Thanks for the great work you all do.

    • And thank you for your kind words John. Wondering what if any of our accessories for the iPad might enthrall you as well?

  • Thanks for your praise and input Josh. Your concern is a valid one…but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that with a majority of things in life, there really isn’t the “right” time for most decisions. You may want to work that purchase into a request to your firm to show a productivity increase! ;-) Then no risk really to you…or even if you split 50/50…low investment for a firm to realize gains if it provides such.

    See…we give personal finance and business operations advice too!

  • Awesome reviews.

    I am hesitant to get one right now because it is first release. I work as a help desk manager and I would use the ipad as I go from department to department that I support to log work issues and document within our ticket tracking system.

    But like I said a bit hesitant, but looking to see what the next revision has.