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OWC Returns from CES 2011

Well, CES 2011 has now come and gone, and the OWC crew is back and recovering from what we can only call a very successful show!

The big news of the show, of course, was the the announcement of the new OWC SSD models. Those who didn’t believe the video got to see that same test run in-person, just to prove that there’s no trickery going on. We even had one gentleman check out everything at the Terminal level, just to make sure that all the process we had running on one machine were the same as on the other. Of course, it passed all tests; we don’t have to resort to fakery because our product is just that good!

Of course, the new SSDs weren’t the only hits at the booth. The new OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual mini and the NewerTech Guardian MAXimus mini got lots of attention, as did their big brother, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2. Our iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories brought people of all kinds to OWC, many of whom had never heard of us before. The big hit, though, had to be the OWC Data Doubler; it seemed that the OWC crew could hardly keep the MacBook Pro with the Data Doubler in it put away in the display case.

Of course, just as we set up the SSD test in the booth so you didn’t have to just take our word for it, we also have a list of all sorts of media people who stopped by, saw what we had to offer, and give their own take on it:

From our award-winning “Meet Me at CES2011” video to the incredible amount of exposure for our first year on the floor, CES 2011 has been a resounding success for OWC. We can’t wait ‘til next year, where you can expect more great products, a bigger booth and all kinds of increased exposure.

Of course, that’s not the only thing on the docket; we still have Macworld Expo 2011 coming up at the end of the month. If you couldn’t see us at CES, make sure to pop by Booth 513 at Macworld and see all the great products we’ve announced! You can even get a $10 discount on admission via our Web Site.

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