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Apple Store Down – Apple Media Event Today

This morning, the online Apple Store has been taken down temporarily stating “We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.” This action usually indicates a new product being released or updated. It is no wonder with the Apple Media Event just a few short hours away.

We’re not expecting the store to be active until once the event is over and Apple as released the next iteration of the iPad. What exactly will that be? Will there be a smaller version? Retina Display? How about a SD card slot, USB or a Thunderbolt port for external storage? Front facing FaceTime camera? Perhaps a matte screen for using in bright sunlight?

Time will tell and we’ll be back with the details soon.

Update 1:15pm: Well, the iPad 2 has been announced and the store is back up again. With Front and Rear facing camera, a faster A5 processor, better graphics, a thinner body and available in black or white. Coming March 11th. Further details on the Apple Event coming soon…

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  • Chris is right, hard to nail down exactly when specific updates and model refreshes are going to happen. The iMac models were released the last few years by this schedule:
    July 2010
    October 2009
    April 2009
    March 2009
    April 2008
    August 2007
    September 2006
    July 2006
    January 2006

  • I hope they give us a port for storage!

    That’s what I’ve been waiting on anyway. I’ve got a spiffy little Express case ready to go! :)

  • What month each year does Apple typically upgrade the iMac line? When did they last do it?

    • iMac updates usually happen somewhere over Q2 or Q3 – the actual month has varied, depending on model. Last update, though, was across-the-board and was in July 2010.