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OWC SSD Firmware Updated

Good news! After nearly two months of testing, we’re pleased to announce we’ve approved a new updated SandForce firmware version for our SSDs.

Now every drive that ships from OWC as of last Friday will have that new firmware which 100% resolves any hibernation issue you may have experienced.

While this issue only affected around 10% of all our SSD customers, we’re 100% committed to everyone’s satisfaction.

So, you can get this new firmware update in one of two ways:

Visit our firmware update page

or you can contact us to arrange sending your drive to us and we’ll flash update the drive for you.

Now, let me head you off at the pass….we do not have a Mac based firmware updater yet. While SandForce initially indicated they were going to create a universal updater, we feel you have waited patiently long enough and have taken up the baton on this ourselves. We’re working diligently on this and will let you know when we have something ready.

OWC Note: As there has been some confusion between Sleep & Hibernation…

There have been two SandForce-related issues with some of these drives, both of which can be corrected at this time.

For those with hibernation issues, this firmware corrects those issues.
For those with sleep issues there is a physical parameter change that OWC can do in-house to correct.

Please call our Technical Support team at 1 (800) 275-4576 for further assistance with either issue.

UPDATE 4/1/11: The firmware UPDATER TOOL itself has been determined to be incompatible with Mac Pro model ID MacPro1,1; MacPro 2,1; MacPro 3,1

To determine your Model ID visit:

If you do not have access to another machine, you have the option of having us update the firmware on your drive OR choosing not to update the firmware. Please note that the primary update to this latest firmware revision corrected a hibernation issue for MacBook and MacBook Pro owners. Hibernation is not an Apple supported mode with Mac Pro/iMac/mini machines and therefore the firmware update is not an absolute requirement for Mac Pro, iMac, and/or mini owners. Should you wish for us to update the firmware, please contact our Customer Service department at 800-275-4576

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  • Since few days I experience strange problem with my Macbook pro. The computer won’t start after not using for the night (in disk utility no hard drive detection) but after several boot suddenly the had hard drive is recognized. Have you got any info about this problem?

    Disponible : 121,67 Go (121 667 792 896 octets)
    Capacité : 479,24 Go (479 244 222 464 octets)
    Point de montage : /
    Système de fichiers : HFS+ journalisé
    Inscriptible : Oui
    Ignorer les autorisations : Non
    Nom BSD : disk0s2
    UUID du volume : 22730EF9-FE81-38A7-BD04-6F439AB17C69
    Lecteur physique :
    Nom du support : OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD Media
    Type de média : SSD
    Protocole : SATA
    Interne : Oui
    Type de carte de partition : GPT (Tableau de partition GUID)
    État S.M.A.R.T. : Vérifié

  • Hm, guess that I should have found these comments before buying the Extreme Pro 6G for my MBP 8,2. Now installed it and get the infamous folder of death and it’s not recognized during lion install. So I guess i have to downgrade, quick question for OWC larry, can i run two Electra 3G 240 GB in raid 0 config in the main bay / data double on my MBP without running into problems? thx!

    • Running two Electra 3G 240 GB in RAID 0 config should pose no issues, however you would probably get better overall speeds by utilizing the 6G SSD in the main bay as a boot and load app drive with a 3G drive in the optical bay with Data Doubler as additional storage. For how to set that up, see our latest TechKNOWlogy video.

  • FInally…

    …after 10 months of waiting, I could solve the hibernation issue of my MBP/SSD combo! Download of the iso took 1 hour, the firmware update itself only a couple of minutes. And the best thing – it worked (contrary to all my prior attempts with hooking up the ssd to my old and dusted pc tower…)!

    Thank you very much.
    Patience is a virtue, I guess.

  • I’m having a similar issue trying to update my OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD 240G Drive. I currently have firmware 320A13F0.

    It is installed in a Black MacBook CoreDuo and I’m using the Bootcamp method with Windows Vista Home Premium with SP2.

    Copied the install files to the root, and running the update in “safe mode”. Even though I have Admin privs, it has trouble detecting that.

    Once booted in Safe Mode and the drive is detected, when downloading the firmware to the drive, the progress bar stops at “downloading 64 sectors”.

    After it sits for a minute, a blue screen/stop error shows up and it reboots, yet the firmware version remains unchanged–ugh.

    Any other solutions? I don’t have a desktop PC or Windows Machine to do this update.


  • I have a MBP6,2 with an OWC Mercury Pro 3G SSD (FW: 360A13F0).
    I did a clean install of Lion and I now how sleep/hibernation issues even with the latest firmware.
    When I wake up the MBP the screen is blank and never comes up. This happens 60% of the time.
    I disable “Put drives to sleep when possible” in Preferences and the problem was resolved.

    Any ideas?

  • So I have an early 2011 15-inch MBP and I do not have a PC. Since my MBP does not qualify for the Mac update, I tried using Bootcamp. When using the updater in Bootcamp, it shows a check mark on the drive, but the firmware still shows 320ABBF0.

    So I am pretty much screwed? Why can’t a 2011 MBP update a $500+ SSD in either OS?

  • I have just installed my new Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD on my MacBook Pro 6,2 (Mid 2010).
    It’s firmware was successfully updated to 332ABBF0.
    Despite that, I am having serious issues with it.

    Before the SSD was installed on my Mac, I was using it inside an On-The-Go Pro Case.
    My Mac was not recognizing the SSD.
    I had to connect and disconnect several times to work.

    Finally I installed the SSD on my Mac.
    Now when I turn on my Mac, it does not boot.
    I can hear the chime (sound) and there is just a white screen.
    After turning off and turning on several times, it works.

  • I can confirm that the mac iso file running on a pc is the only way i could get my 240gb 6g drive to update to the new firmware. I tried every combination to no avail. After finding this post suggesting that using the mac iso file on pc was the trick – i gave it a try and it worked. I put the iso file on a bootable usbkey. Hope this saves someone hours of frustration!!

  • I wanted to post an update about my experience getting my EXTREME™ Pro 6G 240GB updated from 320ABBF0 to 332ABBF0.

    I have a 15″ MacBookPro6,2 with an EXTREME™ Pro 6G 240GB installed in the default SATA bay. I have the original Apple HDD installed in the optical bay using the OWC Data Doubler and the original Apple optical drive installed in an OWC Slim USB2 Portable adapter. I have Lion installed on the SSD (SSD has bootcamp partition), and I have Snow Leopard installed on the original Apple HDD (this drive also has bootcamp partition). When I purchased the SSD, it shipped with 320ABBF0.

    Earlier this week I tried to resume my laptop from sleep (was put to sleep with Lion running off the SSD). When I opened the laptop I had a spinning beach ball and black screen. I hard rebooted the laptop and when the computer restarted, the SSD had disappeared from list of bootable drives. Instead, I booted into Snow Leopard (on the Apple HDD in the optical bay) and started the Disk Utility. The SSD did not show up as a drive in the system. I rebooted the laptop, and reset the PRAM. After rebooting a couple times, the SSD appeared again, and I was able to boot into Lion.

    Thinking that there might be a fix in a later firmware update for the SSD, I downloaded the OWC Mac firmware updater and attempted to boot the laptop from the external CD-ROM drive. However, my MacBookPro6,2 is unable to boot off the external CD-Rom drive. I tried 2 OWC updater discs, a Windows 7 32-Bit install CD, and a Windows 7 64-Bit install disc and each time I tried to boot, the only thing that showed up was an alternating Apple icon and a folder icon with a “?” in it. When I attempted to boot off the official apple install disc that came with my Mac, the laptop boots fine off the disc in the external drive. I also tried a Lion installation disc and I was able to boot off that also. It appears that this model laptop will ONLY boot from an Apple Installation disc.

    Realizing I wasn’t going to get the updater to boot, I decided to try updating the firmware from with bootcamp (Windows 7 64-Bit) using the OWC Windows updater. I downloaded the OWC 6G SSD Firmware Updater (3.3.2) and ran the firmware updater from within bootcamp. The updater appeared to run fine (the arrow moved up and down across the disc icon for a min or two, and then a checkmark appeared over the disc icon). However, the firmware version still showed “320ABBF0” (instead of updating to the latest “332ABBF0”).

    I called OWC tonight and they said that some Mac models are incompatible with the Mac Firmware Updater disc.

    The tech I talked with recommended that I remove the SSD and install it into my Dell laptop. Then I used the Mac Firmware updater disc (installed in the CD-Rom drive of the Dell Laptop) to boot into the Mac Firmware updater and update the firmware on the SSD. Using this workaround, the SSD finally reports firmware “332ABBF0”!

    However, this means that whenever I want to upgrade the firmware on my SSD in the future, I have to take apart my MBP and my Dell laptop, swap the drives, update the firmware, and then put everything back together… less than ideal, but it seems to be the only thing I’ve tried all week that actually works.

    Hope this helps somebody else experiencing the same issues.

    • I did it! The first thing I did I activated AHCI in Windows. You can find how to do that in Google. Just type Enabling AHCI for Windows on MBP 2011. Then I ran firmware updater. And that’s it. I have new firmware on my SSD.
      FYI: I have 2 OS on my Mercury Electra 6G 120GB: Mac OS X Lion & Windows via Boot Camp.
      You can deactivate AHCI after firmware update procedure. Just make a copy of MBR during AHCI enabling process, but then you lose all the advantages of running Windows in AHCI mode.