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OWC TV – OWC’s April Shuttle Event

OWC Meghan caught up with Cathy Brinkworth of the Last Shuttle Project and Steve Otten, Executive Director of the Challenger Learning Center during OWCs shuttle program commemoration party on April 19 to get their take on the end of the Shuttle age.

With the looming last days of the Shuttle Program drawing closer, the thoughts and memories turned to the entirety of what the program meant, what its contributions were to the world, and what it means for America going forward.

Only two launches remain before the final chapter is written – the next being Endeavor this Friday, the last will be the Atlantis on June 28.  Befitting for the end of an era, I think.

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  • Hey guys-

    Very sad video- especially w/ the soundtrack in the background- almost thought I was watching an alternate ending to Armageddon.

    In all seriousness though, I don’t quite understand why the the Last Shuttle Project is closing down and why the last launch was cancelled. Is it because of lack of funds?

    NASA kept being brought up- but other than a great technology innovater I couldn’t really tell how the two connected.

    Please inform- so I can feel bittersweet, too!

    O-Dub Scott

    • There are only two shuttle missions left before NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is officially ending. It was originally planned to be replaced by NASA’s Constellation Program until that got scrapped back in February.

      The Last Shuttle Project is a team of photographers and cinematographers who are documenting every stage of NASA’s final shuttle preparations, and following the process through to the launch, mission, and the eventual retirement of each of the shuttles.

      The two shuttle missions that remain are STS-134 and STS-135. The prior was originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th and OWC was originally invited to the Challenger Center here in Woodstock, IL to watch a live feed of the last launch of space shuttle Endeavour. That particular launch was rescheduled for this coming Friday, April 29th at 3:47pm EDT but it was decided that our “Shuttle Night” party at the Challenger Center should still go on.

      The final shuttle launch (STS-135) is currently targeted for June 28th on space shuttle Atlantis and will mark the final mission before all the shuttles are retired.