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Rename Files in macOS

Quick Tip: How to Rename Multiple Files Simultaneously on a Mac

Do you have multiple files you need to rename? Thankfully, batch-renaming files in macOS isn’t difficult. Here’s how: Start in the Finder. And remember not to confuse the Finder with the Desktop. The Finder is the first thing that you...

Multiple files being selected on mac desktop

Quick Tip: How to Select Multiple Items in the macOS Finder

Have you ever needed to select more than one item in the macOS Finder? It’s easy! There are several different ways to select files and folders: click and drag, shift-click, and command-click. They each work differently – here's a description of each one.

MacBook Pro with CD halfway out of internal optical drive

Quick Tip: Eight Ways to Force Eject a Disc From Your Mac’s Optical Drive

Though Apple slowly phased out optical drives from its Mac lineup over the years, you might still have a MacBook or desktop Mac with a disc drive. You might also have an external solution with a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive. At some point, there’s a chance that a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc is going to get stuck in your Mac or external optical drive. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can be taken to force eject a disc that’s stuck.

How to Clear Your Microsoft Teams Client Cache on a Mac [QUICK TIP]

If you are having problems with Microsoft Teams, you can try clearing the cache on your device. This may help solve some issues you may be experiencing. Below are the steps you need to take to clear your Teams cache on your Mac. You'll need to start by closing Microsoft Teams...

macOS Big Sur General Preferences

QUICK TIP: How to Change Your Finder’s Accent Color in macOS Big Sur

The icons in your Finder sidebar display in whatever color you choose and macOS Big Sur adds more than ever before. The Accent Color and Highlight Color are used throughout the user interface for menus, buttons, active form fields, and more. here's how to change them.

QUICK TIP: Hide & Show the Floating Thumbnail After a Screenshot

The Screenshot app on your Mac is a pretty powerful tool. But there's one feature that can confuse people at times – the floating thumbnail. When you take a screenshot, one of two things happens; the preview either appears in the bottom right corner of your screen for a few seconds or doesn't.

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