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World Backup Day 2021: Get It Done!

Today is March 31, the day we use to advise readers to back up their devices regularly and not be "April fools". This day has a name: World Backup Day. The goal? Reminding everyone to back up their data. If...

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World Backup Day 2020

It’s March 31, which means it is World Backup Day. This observance is held each year to spotlight the importance of backups and remind people to make backups a habit. Backups are the only way to make sure that your important data is copied to at least one other location so that it is still accessible if your Mac, iPhone or iPad is damaged or lost. Every year, we celebrate World Backup Day here at The Rocket Yard by showing our readers just how easy it is to make backups on all of their Apple devices. If you’re not making regular backups, today’s the day that you should begin. Check out this informative video first, then follow our instructions to start making your backups.

Make Sure Your Plan Is In Order This World Backup Day

Each year, we like to give Rocket Yard readers a pleasant reminder about a very important date: March 31. No, not so you can get a head start on your April Fools Day planning. Rather, today is World Backup Day...

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