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Jasmine Glasheen

Jasmine Glasheen
6 posts
Jasmine Glasheen is Senior Copywriter. She's a writer, speaker, and retail and technology thought leader. Glasheen is a leading voice on what comes next, sharing her insights in retail magazines, news sites, tech blogs, and eBooks.
Drawing on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil

Do You Really Need a New Laptop, or Just a New iPad?

We've been saying that iPads would replace the laptop since their inception, but they haven't done so yet. Apple's newest iPad will drop any day now. With the add-on purchases of an Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, it could finally...

Apple's retail store in Oakbrook, Illinois

The Evolution of Apple’s Visionary Design Aesthetic

To call Apple a "trailblazing company" would be an understatement. Much of the brand's history is practically folklore in the tech world. You probably already know of Steve Jobs and his iconic black turtleneck. You may even be familiar with...

YouTube Logo on an iPad resting on a MacBook Pro

YouTube Content Creators Can’t Get Enough of these OWC Products

The face of online content creation is constantly evolving. But the place where YouTube content creators turn to find top-performing solutions remains constant. OWC is the go-to supplier of YouTube content creators like technology aficionado iJustine; podcast producers like Lij Shaw (the owner...

sustainable technology through recycling

Combating Climate Change Through Sustainable Technology

Welcome to the dystopia that is the earth in 2021. It's hard to talk about global climate without resorting to the words Alice used in Wonderland: "curiouser and curiouser." Murder hornets, unprecedented wildfires, snake-infested seafoam, and coastal erosion are just...

Workstation Tools

Let’s Talk Aesthetics: Tools to Refine Your Workstation

There’s nothing more distracting than a cluttered workstation. Fumbling with power adapters, searching for the right cord, or trying to excavate a clean space on your desk to put a cup of coffee can put a big damper on your...