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OWC Erik

OWC Erik
4 posts
I am a member of the web application development team at OWC. I work on our macsales.com e-commerce site. I am a Mac switcher as of January 2007 and I haven't looked back since. I plan on writing about the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, AppleTV, and neat Mac apps that I find useful. I am big on data storage for protecting my media files and so one of my favorite pieces of hardware on my desk (or should I say under) is the NewerTech Guardian MAXimus external RAID-1 hard drive solution.

Celebrating OWC With Tiny, Blocky Goodness

'Tis the season of gift giving, right? So it's kinda hard not to be thinking about gifts. Gifts you are going to give, gifts you are hoping to get, gifts you can only dream of, and maybe, gifts that you've already...

Give Me My Eject Key Back!

A couple of months ago, I visited the OWC offices and took advantage of OWC Jamie's workbench skills and had him perform some "OWC Love" on my 2011 MacBook Pro by removing the optical drive and replacing it with an...

The Apple iPad, Casual Home Computing Untethered

I was out last night and someone asked me what I thought about the Apple iPad, saying that they thought of it as a great new mobile computer. I stated back that I didn't really think of it as being...