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OWC Rick R

OWC Rick R
3 posts
Vice President Software Development - Windows
Rick Rockhold has been obsessed with making software for 30 years. After co-founding Mediafour in 1995, he created several major software products, including MacDrive ( Joining OWC in 2017, he's now VP of Windows Software Development. Rick lives in Iowa with his family and his dog Max.
An OWC Mercury Elite external drive with an iPad and iPhone showing the Copy That app

How Do You Connect External Storage to Your iPhone & iPad?

Earlier this week, we announced our new iOS & iPadOS app called Copy That. It lets you easily copy photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to an external storage drive. You can select what you want to copy, how...

Eject Icons on trying to eject message

Protecting Your Data: How to Safely Eject a Disk or Drive

“I just wait a couple of seconds before unplugging a disk..." “I never safely eject a disk, and I’ve never had a problem...” “I waited for the light to go off before I pulled the plug, and everything looks fine...” There’s a lot of different ideas about disconnecting disks, and different ideas about why (and if) it’s necessary. In reality, unplugging a drive without telling the OS is always risky.

windows logo and softraid logo

SoftRAID for Windows 1.0.7 Brings TRIM to Cross-Platform RAID

What is TRIM? TRIM is an important part of keeping your solid-state drives (SSDs) healthy. And in our first update to SoftRAID for Windows, we’ve added several TRIM features that keep your drives running faster and longer. SSDs handle data differently...