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A Quest For Healthy Focus

I have been on a quest for a better beverage. My thirst has not been quenched and my palate has not been satiated to my satisfaction and I won't stand for it any longer. Okay... enough drama. I quit caffeine...

Apple and Apple show that All You Need is Love (and $150)

Remember that announcement that appeared on Apple’s Web site Yesterday? It purported to be a day that we would “never forget.” I Should Have Known Better than to think that it would be something regarding iOS 4; I guess we’ll...

Something New From Apple?

If you’ve been to Apple’s Web site or have opened the Store in iTunes this morning, you probably noticed the announcement for an event for tomorrow - and it promises to be something that we’ll “never forget.” Marketing hyperbole aside,...

Apple’s “Back to Mac Event” Overview

Well, the Back to Mac Apple Event has finally come and gone, the Apple store is back up and running and there are a few new items available immediately. The event started with a nice "State of the Mac" address...

Make All Your iPad-Using College Buddies Jealous

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they see your iPad in a stylin’ case featuring your school colors and mascot.  Not only will you attract a lot of attention, but you’ll also be protecting your iPad from getting...

Sometimes the Genius way is Serving

During the course of a normal day here, I see/hear/read a lot of customer correspondence. The majority of it is very complimentary which is very gratifying and really pumps up the team morale here. Sometimes one comes by though that...

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