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Sample sticky note with stickies app icon

How To Become A Mac Stickies App Power User

There's one default Mac app that I'm sure not many Mac users even know about – the Stickies app. You don't need to download it because it comes with macOS. Like the name implies, the Stickies app allows you to...

icloud icon with mac calendar app icon

How to Use the macOS Calendar App With Your iCloud Account

iCloud is built into every Apple device. That means all your photos, files, notes, and more are stored, updated, and available at any time. You can also use it with the macOS Calendar app. iCloud works automatically; everyone gets 5GB...

How to Edit Appointment Details in macOS Calendar 📅

The Calendar app in macOS has an Inspector window the appears when you add a new event or double-click on an existing event in the Calendar app. It shows you all the details of your events, including who's invited, and...

How to Share and Subscribe to Calendars in macOS Catalina

With macOS, you can view a calendar that someone has published or shared by subscribing to it in the Calendar app. However, you can’t edit calendars you’re subscribed to. Why not? They’re controlled by the provider. If you want to use a calendar that several people can edit, share it instead.

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