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Contract for the web

The Inventor of the World Wide Web Has a Plan to Save It

In March of 1989, while working at CERN laboratories in Geneva, Computer Scientist Tim Berners-Lee proposed an information management system to help solve the problems associated with document retrieval and control. "Vague but exciting" were the words that his boss, Mike Sendall, wrote at the top of his submission. And so the World Wide Web was born – as a vague concept of document sharing based on a distributed hypertext system.

Hot Read: World’s First Website Turns 25 Years Old

Image courtesy of http://info.cern.ch While it’s difficult to pin down the exact figure, most estimates put the number of websites in the world at about one billion. And it all started with a single site. As the more recent website...

Science’s Evidence of “God Particle” Still Agnostic

The science world was all atwitter last night about today’s announcement from CERN. Had the Higgs boson, the yet-to-be-observed subatomic particle thought by some to endow other particles with mass (prompting the nickname of “God Particle”), finally been found? Well......