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New and Used Mac Pro

Buying a used Mac Pro from OWC makes perfect sense when you're looking for a computer upgrade on a budget. Besides helping you save a bundle, we make it easy to configure it to your specific needs.

For instance, if you want a performance jump, you can add a 12-Core Xeon processor to a Late 2013-2019 used Mac Pro. Suppose you're interested in a used Mac tower for graphics-intensive video and photo editing tasks. In that case, you can configure your next Mac with a high-performance video card that can handle your work without visual latency.

Or, let's say you purchased a used Mac Pro desktop without any add-ons. No worries! You can still upgrade it using our OWC Upgrade Service. One of our professional OWC-certified technicians will professionally install your desired processor and memory upgrades for increased performance.

Is a Mac Pro Right for You?

There’s no doubt that when it comes to digital art, audio recording, and other creative tasks, a MacBook Pro laptop is a solid choice. The only downside for some is screen size.

This is where a used Mac Pro desktop has an advantage — you can connect dual-cable 5K, and Thunderbolt displays to some used Mac Pro models (late 2013-2019) to ease eye strain. Additionally, the pint-sized used Mac Pro cylinder (now discontinued) can spare you desk space for a larger monitor and help you take your tasks to new heights.

So is a Mac Pro right for you? While a used Mac Pro tower (2010-2012) isn’t the fastest on the block, it’s still a powerful workhorse. Another thing we love about used Mac Towers is their internal expandability. You can quickly access four internal drive bays to add internal RAID and more!

Fully Inspected and OWC Certified

Rest assured that every pre-owned Mac Pro from OWC has been fully inspected and tested by Apple Certified technicians. This crew is tough and sweats the details on everything that comes through OWC’s labs, ensuring you’ll have full confidence in the quality and reliability of your Mac Pro investment.

Pre-Owned Means More Savings

Buying a previously-used or like-new refurbished Mac Pro from OWC delivers substantial cost savings. Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars with OWC-exclusive build-to-order options that equip to your requirements.

Whichever Mac and options you choose, you’ll want to consider any must-have capabilities for the applications you use. Many users choose a balance of performance and cost to get the best of both. This is where OWC upgrades deliver that additional bang-for-the-buck. You can get an OWC-configured 2010-2012 or 2013-2019 Mac Pro upgraded with more OWC Memory, a faster/higher core processor, and a faster or more spacious SSD, giving you the true performance and capabilities you need – all for just a fraction of what a factory-configured Mac Pro would cost! When the time comes, you can even upgrade again to meet additional needs.

Apple has built the Mac Pro to truly go the distance, and OWC is here to take yours further still.