Getting Apple’s Goat?

This little video made its rounds through the blog team yesterday, and we decided to share it with our readers as well.

Comedian Mark Malkoff heard about all sorts of pets and activities being allowed in Apple Stores across the country, so he decided to see if he could find a limit to what they’d allow, culminating in him bringing in a live goat – and they let him do it! Maybe Apple learned a lesson from the 1945 Cubs.

Funny stuff, and a lot more entertaining than those YouTube videos of people dancing badly in front of an iMac…

The link is below. However, beware of the PG-13 title of the Web site; those who are über-sensitive to language may take offense to another version of the word “dang”.

Mark Malkoff: Apple Store Challenge

Of course, this also begs the question… what kinds of crazy things have you seen/done in an Apple Store? Newsfeed
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  • Dude that’s awesome.

    I’d like to see a couple people walk in as Batman and the Joker adam west campy style with the joker asking a genius how to go about his sinister plans on installing windows on all the macs in the store and batman attempting to assist the genius with chants like “don’t listen to this sinister mad man”. Robin can be a pure teenager touching everything in the store and Batman has to tend to Robin being a child and the joker installing windows and syncing a zune.

    welll…. it’s just a thought. Wonder woman would be great too. Linda Carter style as well. Can’t beat those classics!

    I’ll concede the goat will probably be funnier. The next one up to that would have to be a full size cow. Those things are awesome!

    • No…nothing beats hilarity like a monkey….imagine acting like the monkey has to control the iPad let you know what he’s seeing because you just came from the eye doctor and pupils are still dilated…