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Apple and Exxon Fighting for #1

Unless you tend to follow the stock market, you may have missed out on this one – I know I did. Looks like Apple Inc, has been volleying back and forth with Exxon Mobil for the title of “Most Valuable Company in the World” over the last few days. And as of 1:08PM Central Daylight Time on August 11, 2011, Apple is sitting in the top slot with a value of $346.61 billion versus Exxon Mobil’s paltry $346.38 billion. Of course, with the effects of market volatility, the financial situations in Europe and the US, and quite possibly Lex Luthor’s mind control ray, that can all change in moments, but right now Cupertino is on top.

I suppose there’s some bragging rights in there somewhere, but that’s something that a market analyst, a financial advisor or maybe Gordon Gekko could probably explain the intricacies of better than I could. All I know is that all of us long-time Mac users finally get to run around screaming “WHOOOOO!!!! We’re Number One!” to each other while swigging from large bottles of champagne and waiting by the mailbox to receive the free Mac minis that Apple is sending out in celebration.

(What?… They’re not sending out free Mac minis?… How about those large bottles of champagne?… No?… Then what’s in it for me?…)

Okay, Apple doing well means our Macs will probably be around a while, and that translates into newer and better peripherals we at OWC can offer. And since innovation has been paying off for Apple, we can probably expect to see more amazing developments from them—like an Apple-branded television with an AppleTV built in. Or amazing new techno-toilets to rival those in Japan. Or robots; everybody loves a cute robot.

Yes, the possibilities are endless when you’re on top. So good on you, Apple; let’s kick things into high gear.

Oh… and if you have time, send me that free Mac mini…


M. Chris Stevens
the authorOWC Chris S.
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  • “Apple and Exxon Fighting for #1” is incorrect. “fighting” implies participation, usually active. Neither company is active is this.

    • Allan,
      I’d like to respectfully disagree. Both companies are working hard, (fighting if you will) to bring a product to market, which makes money, and gives “x” amount of investor confidence to invest. So they are indeed actively participating in improving their stock price, selling product, and spurring investment.

      Thanks for sharing your interesting perspective with OWC blog readers.